New poll exposes voters’ BIGGEST election fear…

It’s been a long election cycle, and a violent one at that. As we learned from an explosive series of undercover reporting from James O’Keefe, the Hillary camp played an active role in bringing violence to Donald Trump’s rallies. There has been no equivalent from the right.

Despite that, the media has routinely told us about the violence at Trump rallies – but had been suspiciously quiet about who it was causing the violence exactly. With few exceptions, it wasn’t Trump supporters.

While the campaigns are coming to a close, many voters fear the violence may not be.

As the Washington Post reported: Half of likely voters say they are at least somewhat concerned about violence either on Election Day or after, according to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll conducted this month. One in five likely voters say they are very concerned, about the same number who said they were not terribly confident that the United States would “have a peaceful transfer of power after the election.”

The poll’s results come as Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has repeatedly assailed the integrity of the country’s election systems, remarks he made while facing a drop in the polls (which he also says are rigged against him). Trump’s unsubstantiated comments — along with his calls for supporters to go “to certain areas” and watch for suspicious activity — have prompted alarm among government officials and elected leaders, who are preparing for the possibility of unrest and violence on Election Day.

Of course, despite all the violence this election coming entirely from one direction, the geniuses over at the Washington Post think it’s Trump supporters that people are worried about.

As authorities warily get ready for the bitter campaign to give way to (most) voters casting ballots, some election officials have been raising concerns about the presence of guns in polling places amid such fraught emotions. Election officers in Virginia say they are worried about conflicts at voting locations due to Trump’s comments, and some had considered one-day bans on weapons on private property, though a state lawmaker pushed back against that.

If there’s going to be any voter intimidation and violence this November 8th, it isn’t going to be coming from Trump supporters. Don’t forget, it was the New Black Panthers who showed up to intimidate voters in 2008 and 2012.

And it’s Hillary’s camp that’s been caught on camera conspiring to commit voter fraud and incite violence at Trump rallies – is it really a stretch to think that if there’s violence on Election Day or the day after, they’ll be the ones behind it?

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]

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