BAM! Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets OWNED in just three words

Remember this gal?

Admit it, you’ve kinda missed her being in the spotlight and teeing up an abundance of idiotic things for us to poke fun at. (We sure have.)

We always knew Little Debbie wasn’t the brightest bulb on the tree, and as if to remove any doubt, we were recently reminded that Debbie was misguided enough to start a Twitter fight with none other than Michelle Malkin.

Without knowing anything further, you already know who won, of course.

And won big.

Via Twitchy:

In December of 2013, then-DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz told Michelle Malkin she’d be eating her words about Obamacare:



It’s clear Obamacare’s a total train wreck, as many pointed out in #ObamacareInThreeWords.

Michelle Malkin took advantage of the #ObamacareIn3Words hashtag to finish off the argument about who exactly would be eating their words:


Ha! Too soon, Little Debbie?

Michelle Malkin apparently wasn’t the only one throwing Debbie’s lies words back in her face. Politifact even gave her a big fat FALSE on her recent attempts to defend the imploding system.dws-politifact

Poor Little Debbie. Let’s hope she has thick skin to go with her thick head. And may we suggest some veggies to round out that steady diet of crow she’s been eating this year?

[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]



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