JUST IN: 12 dead in hotel attack targeting non-Muslims…

We often become so narrow in our focus against militant Islamic terrorism that we don’t see the bigger picture. Before ISIS, the focus was just on al-Qaida; matter of fact, four years ago, the chant from the Obama campaign was that Osama bin Laden was dead and General Motors was alive. Needless to say, the death of bin Laden has not stopped the massive train known as the global Islamic jihad — heck, just saying so in America gets you demonized. You hear little to no mention of the Taliban, even though we just had an Afghan soldier turn his weapon on Americans, killing an American soldier and a civilian contractor. And to boot, the Taliban has seen an incredible resurgence while making huge territorial gains in Afghanistan. Then again, Obama said combat operations were over. The enemy has a vote and did not get Obama’s email or tweet.

As Commander in Chief, one is supposed to see the world strategically and understand the goals and objectives of one’s allies, and especially, one’s enemies. It appears that with all the celebration of being the 2009 Nobel Peace Participation Trophy winner, Obama’s global vision has not brought better relations with Muslims, as the Nobel committee stated. He’s brought more death and destruction by emboldening the Islamic jihadist movement. Heck, Obama and his acolytes would have us believe jihad is some form of Muslim yoga.

Well, apparently radical Islamic terrorists in Kenya didn’t get Obama’s memo, either.

As reported by ReutersAttackers blew up part of a hotel in northeastern Kenya, killing at least 12 people on Tuesday, in a raid claimed by al Shabaab militants from neighboring Somalia. 

The group said it had set out to kill non-Muslims in Kenya’s Mandera area – the scene of numerous assaults by the fighters seeking to overthrow Somalia’s Western-backed government and punish Kenya for sending in soldiers to oppose it. 

Rescuers pulled at least six survivors from the rubble and were searching for more, North Eastern Regional Commissioner Mohamoud Saleh said in a statement that did not name the attackers.

Twelve people died in the attack, he said. “The Government of Kenya condemns this act of terror and condoles with families and friends of the bereaved,” he added. Al Shabaab’s spokesman for military operation, Abdiasis Abu Musab, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the gunmen had targeted non-Muslims and killed 15 people. 

“I counted nine bodies being removed from the building by colleagues, those dead could be more. Most of them had what looked like gun shot wounds and for others it seems rubble from the building had collapsed on them,” said a police officer at the scene, who asked not to be named. 

The attack took place hours after fighters from the group shot dead an intelligence officer in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. 

“We have received some six people with injuries from the scene of the attack. Some have really lost blood, two are unconscious. We also received bodies of the dead but I was in the casualty wing and could not count how many they were,” a nurse from Mandera County hospital told Reuters. 

Al Shabaab killed six people as a work site in Mandera area earlier in October. It has also struck deeper into Kenya, killing at least 67 people in an attack on Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall in 2013.

And what say the Obama administration? Well, this is all because of climate change, and air conditioning is a greater threat than terrorism. And if we just did not report Islamic terror attacks, people wouldn’t know about it. They need better job opportunities. We can defeat terrorism with compassion, unity and love. We need to empathize with our enemy. Let me make myself clear, ISIS is not Islamic.

This is the rhetoric of buffoons, cowards, appeasers and Islamapologists who would make us believe that this enemy — Islamic terrorists, jihadists, Islamo-fascists — just need a hug. Oh, and billions of dollars of laundered US cash. As we’re now less than two weeks from deciding the next Commander in Chief, you just have to ask yourself: how much more of this are we willing to stomach? Do we want another president who, after an American is beheaded by a vile, savage Islamic terrorist organization, goes golfing? Do we want another president who, after a massive Islamic jihadist attack on one of our military bases, the official response is “workplace violence”?

When we have Marines and Sailors gunned down at a Naval Reserve facility by an Islamic jihadist, why is it that they were unarmed? Can we afford another four years of a person who blames insufficient gun control for Islamic jihadist attacks in places like San Bernardino and Orlando? Or worse, when provided information about two brothers, jihadists, who plays a PC game — with the result being hundreds killed or wounded, and forever affected, at the Boston Marathon. If you’ve already forgotten, we had nine Americans stabbed at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota by someone conducting some religious litmus test — any word from President Obama or the Governor of Minnesota about the growing Somali Islamic terrorist sanctuary in that state? Nope…but doggone, the entire liberal progressive socialist world came down on one Donald Trump as they chastised him for suggesting some religious litmus test for entry into America. The hypocrisy is damning.

This is not the first, and shall not be the last, of Islamic terrorists specifically targeting “non-Muslims” for murder. It’s happened in Nigeria with Boko Haram; I guess Obama’s hashtag diplomacy was highly effective with them. We’ve seen this happen in France, Belgium and elsewhere — to include the United States. And what’s our response…a bunch of ill-informed students at St. Louis University who walk out from a speaking engagement for a safe space because the mean bad person identified the enemy for who they are. Or a school board in Kansas City who comes up with some insidious resolution after being pressured by a special interest group.

We spend more time denigrating the people who see this enemy for who they are than standing up and fighting it. And who ends up paying the price? Innocent civilians like those at The Pulse night club in Orlando, who just wanted a fun night out, or the nearly 150 in Paris who were enjoying a beautiful evening and a concert.

At some point, this has to end, and a critical decision falls upon us in 13 days as to whether or not it shall. What shall we awake to hear on November 9th…I know what the Islamo-fascists want to hear. They want to hear that the Americans elected a corrupt individual who, when Secretary of State, could not even bring herself to denounce Boko Haram as a terrorist organization. They want the same gang of complicit cowards who refuse to condemn the Muslim Brotherhood, and its affiliates, as a terrorist organization. Doggone, the closest aide to Hillary Clinton is a person whose family has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood — Huma Abedin’s mother was a founding member of the Muslim Sisterhood — and we have shared the thoughts, perspectives and insights of Ms. Abedin’s parents here with you.

How did we get to this point? Imagine the outrage if Christians were going around and asking the faith of individuals and taking like actions? What the heck is wrong with us that we’ve become so fearful of looking Islamism in the eye and calling it for what it is? How many more will have to die here in America and elsewhere around the world?

Can we as a Nation come to a realization that there’s a serious ideological battle being waged? This is about defeating a theocratic-political construct that has wrought terror and destruction upon the world since 622 AD, nearly 1400 years. Why can’t we see this from a factual and historical perspective? This clear and president danger must be stopped. But first, we must end our own politically correct madness.

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