Wow: MSNBC drops 8-word TRUTH BOMB about Obamacare

Given the craziness surrounding the current election and the nuttiness we’ve survived over the last eight years Obama’s been in office, it’s hard to imagine anything hitting the airwaves that could possibly leave you surprised, right?

Well, here’s something that might just do the impossible.

A panel on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” actually came out and admitted that conservatives were absolutely right about Obamacare being a total and utter disaster.

If you look out the window, you just may catch a glimpse of pigs spreading forth their newly developed wings and cascading across the crisp autumn wind.

According to TheBlaze, During a Tuesday morning discussion on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s standing in national and swing-state polls, the show’s panel agreed that, if the billionaire businessman began to talk about the failures of Obamacare, he could begin to turn the numbers around.

“He does have an issue to use if he is smart,” show co-host Willie Geist said, “which is this Obamacare story about premiums going up 25 percent in certain plans, 22 percent in other plans, and choice shrinking — all things predicted by conservatives.”

“Everything conservatives predicted about Obamacare is coming true,” Scarborough affirmed.

BBC reporter Katty Kay chimed in to say that she believes Trump will take advantage of the Obamacare premium hike news as soon as Tuesday afternoon: “You’re right, Willie, I hear it out on the campaign trail a lot. I’m going to go straight down to Orlando after this to go to a Trump rally. I’m sure he’ll bring up the health care premiums.”

“It’s devastating to middle-class families how much health care premiums have gone up,” she continued. “He can make traction on that, but he has to make such big numbers in places like Nevada, it’s very hard to see how he gets to that 270.”

This confession comes hot on the heels of news of yet another double-digit increase to Obamacare premiums coming next year, thus proving the Affordable Care Act is actually anything but affordable.

These increases are, of course, more than likely by design, as the AFC was intended to be a stepping stone that paved the way for single-payer health insurance, a socialist dream of all progressives across the land.

Let’s hope, if Trump gets elected, he keeps his word to repeal this monstrosity and opens up the free market to help drive down the cost of health insurance to truly make it affordable.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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