OOPS: Wikileaks reveals AWKWARD truth about Chelsea…

Well, this is embarrassing.

A number of emails released thus far by Wikileaks show what the Clinton camp really thinks about Chelsea Clinton, and it ain’t pretty.

An email exchange between Huma Abedin and campaign staffer Marlon Marshall released by WikiLeaks on Sunday suggested that Clinton didn’t even want her own daughter campaigning for her, instead preferring celebrities.


As LifeZette noted, “Clinton is not exactly known for her fondness of public events — or Arkansas, for that matter — so the idea that she would rather go there herself than send Chelsea Clinton speaks volumes.”

And that’s one of the nicer emails. Hillary advisor Doug Band had some harsh words about Chelsea – and Hillary, in an email released on Sunday.

In one of the emails released earlier this month, Band said regarding Chelsea taking an active role at the Clinton Foundation, “She is acting like a spoiled brat kid who has nothing else to do but create issues to justify what she’s doing because she, as she has said, hasn’t found her way and has a lack of focus in her life.”

Yes – even those who work with the Clinton’s despise them. I tried to think up a way to present this information as if it were surprising – but unfortunately found that impossible.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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