SUBMIT: Look who was spotted in full Muslim garb

Earlier this week we reported on Madonna’s generous offer for “lip service” to anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton. I (Michele Hickford) lamented the cultural decline in our nation, which has gotten so bad we even have a fashion trend called “vagina cleavage” where women wear dresses cut so high on the leg you can verify their gender.

It would seem a swing of the pendulum back to a bit more decorum is in order, but is it already going too far?

You might remember when Janet Jackson flashed her breast during her “wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. It caused an uproar of course, but as we’ve seen, the NFL has no problem pushing the “taste” envelope.

In any event, it seems unlikely Janet Jackson will be pulling a similar stunt in the near future.

In 2012, Jackson married Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana and apparently converted to Islam. The 50-year-old Jackson is expecting her first child with Al Manna and earlier this year, cancelled her tour when the pregnancy was confirmed.

She was spotted for the first time in public since her announcement – wearing full Islamic dress, as she and her husband shopped in London.


The Mirror reports, (the couple regularly jets) around the world on exotic trips but are based in Al Manna’s native Doha, Qatar.

In 2014, he said: “We love traveling. “We love going to nice, exotic places far away from the world and from prying eyes.”

Janet is said to have taken a while to adjust to life in Qatar, due to the restrictions placed on women – and the fact she’s had to give up designer clothes.

Um, ya THINK?

In a review of her concert tour before its cancellation, The New York Times said Jackson showed off her “demure” side: She was dressed in white and covered, like her dancers and musicians, from shoulders to shoes. And she avoided one big subset of her songwriting: her salacious, sometimes kinky whispers.


“Demure” or Islamicized? Of course the Times never connected the dots.

How much you wanna bet she never returns to touring – as long as she’s married to Al Manna? Ironic, don’t you think for a woman who staked her claim to fame with an album called “Control?” Apparently no longer “nasty” either…

One would think (hope) there’s a happy medium between Madonna’s lewdness and Sharia law.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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