Son of deceased cop gets HEARTBREAKING surprise at school…

With all the division and hatred that seems to run rampant in the media these days, it’s easy to think humanity has hit rock bottom, that the darkness has finally defeated the light, and there’s no hope left.

That, of course, couldn’t be farther from the truth, and what the Amarillo Police Department did for the children of a deceased police officer proves it.

According to TheBlaze, The children of a deceased Texas police officer were escorted to class on their first day of school by dozens of their father’s colleagues in the Amarillo Police Department, according to KVII-TV.

Officer Justin Scherlen, 39, died earlier (last summer) from complications following an on-duty crash almost a year ago. His widow, Jessica Scherlen, told KVII that her son Jackson’s first day of preschool was a “really emotional time.”

Jackson was greeted by his father’s brothers and sisters in blue at school on his first day.

“He was shocked when we first showed up and saw everything,” Scherlen said.
Officer Daniel Smith told KVII that he wishes Justin Scherlen could have been there instead.

“At least we can be here for him and let Jackson know that he always has someone to call on,” Smith said.

Amarillo police officer Carla Burr told KVII that Justin Scherlen “was always so kind to everyone.”

Scherlen said she thinks Jackson “really enjoyed having everyone here.”

While our nation is certainly in dark times thanks to the twisted progressivism infecting our culture on every level, clearly, all is not lost.

The liberal media has crafted an intense anti-police narrative in an attempt to stir up division and enable Democrats to appear as heroic civil rights leaders.

But law enforcement officers aren’t the bad guys. Sure, there are always going to be a few rotten apples in the bunch, just like with any profession, but that’s hardly representative of the whole.

These fine officers deserve massive respect for caring so deeply about this precious boy.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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