Georgetown University takes PANDERING to a whole new level…

It’s no secret that America’s major universities have swallowed the progressive agenda hook, line, and sinker, but what Georgetown University is up to takes liberal pandering to new heights…er, lows.

Apparently, indoctrinating young people to hate Israel, be unquestioningly loyal and faithful to a growing and overreaching government, and making special privileges for certain groups of people based on factors like race isn’t enough to appease the higher education system’s “white guilt.”

Now they’re going so far as to actually track down descendants of slaves and offer them admission into the university to make up for its role in profiting from slavery.

The New York Post is reporting, Georgetown University will give preference in admissions to the descendants of slaves owned by the Maryland Jesuits as part of its effort to atone for profiting from the sale of enslaved people.

Georgetown president John DeGioia told news outlets that the university in Washington will implement the admissions preferences. He says Georgetown will need to identify and reach out to descendants of slaves and recruit them to the university.

(Recently), a university committee released a report that also called on its leaders to offer a formal apology for the university’s participation in the slave trade.

The history behind this revolves around two priests who were president of the university back in 1838 who put together the sale of 272 slaves as a means of paying off the school’s debt. Those sold into slavery were taken from Maryland to Louisiana where they worked on plantations.

So what happens if someone is a descendent of a slave on only one side of their family? Do they then get just 50 percent of their tuition paid? What if they’re mixed race children? Does the white side need to reimburse the black side? Is it only America slaves? What about students born in Jamaica?

Yes, slavery was an absolutely atrocious and horrible thing that left a stain on our nation, which is why those who are believers in liberty fought so hard to abolish it and finally vanquished it from the country.

We should never forget this horrible season in American history, nor should we ever attempt to gloss it over and make it look less awful than it was, but how can a wound heal if it’s constantly being ripped open?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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