Paul Ryan dumps Trump and IMMEDIATELY…

Paul Ryan may come to regret having hopped off the Trump train. Following the leaked audio of salty comments made by Donald Trump in 2005, Ryan canceled all events he had planned with him and withdrew his support (as did a handful of Republican governors and members of congress). All those piling on Trump seemed to miss the Wikileaks revelations that broke right before Trump’s scandal, but that’s another matter.

Regardless of their motivation, polls showed the majority of the Republican base disagreed with their decision (and Ryan’s in particular). As a result, while Trump initially dipped in the polls, Paul Ryan’s approval has fallen off a cliff.

Via HotAir

A sneak preview at the coming Republican civil war if things go sideways tonight and the election produces a blowout. According to YouGov’s Will Jordan, Ryan’s net favorable rating within his own party stood at +23 a week or so ago. Then, after the “Access Hollywood” tape was revealed, Ryan told House Republicans that he’ll no longer defend Trump or campaign with him. Trump spent the following week needling Ryan on Twitter and at his rallies for not showing the same support for him as Democratic pols showed for Clinton. That culminated in Trumpers chanting “Paul Ryan sucks” at a rally in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin a few days ago.


That’s 40 percent favorable, 45 percent unfavorable among Republicans — five points underwater, a 28-point shift in a week. In a week! His job approval among Republicans is even worse at 36/44. And then there’s this:


Just months ago in May, Paul Ryan dominated his district’s primary, taking 84.1 percent of the vote. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the voters don’t completely jump ship in the general election.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]

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