Hillary apparently not the only Democrat with CRS…

The entire political universe is up in arms over Donald Trump’s response to a question posed in Wednesday night’s debate concerning acceptance of election results. After a week of claiming the election was “rigged” against him, on Wednesday, moderator Chris Wallace asked whether Trump would accept the results win or lose. Trump answered, “we will look at it at the time.” That answer has caused Democrats to amp up their “He’s not fit for office!!” rhetoric.

Time to pull out the hypocrisy card because oddly enough, those same people seemed to think Al Gore was fit for office.

Most everyone reading this is old enough to remember the year 2000. In that year’s general election Democrats from shore-to-shore, the DNC and the Al Gore campaign did not accept the election results and dragged the nation into a long, drawn out legal battle that made our country a worldwide laughing stock.

Not counting voting territories (like Puerto Rico), the United States has approximately 3,200 counties. In a very close election which left their man holding the short end of the stick, Democrats selected just FOUR of them and demanded manual recounts. But not just any four.

The four counties where Democrat claims of voting “irregularities” and voter disenfranchisement that were segregated out for hand-recounts were Broward, Miami Dade, Palm Beach, and Volusia — four staunchly Democrat counties. In Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach, registered Democrats out-numbered registered Republicans nearly 2-to-1. Still do today.

At the time Gore realized he’d lost and offered his loser’s concession. He then retracted it and started demanding recounts in these few and specific Florida counties. Not the entire state, no counties in Utah or Arizona, or Ohio. Just these Democrat strong-hold Florida counties. As a result of the campaign challenge, Florida conducted a mandatory machine recount but Gore refused to accept its results. No, he wanted actual people doing the work in handpicked counties with friendly election officials where he was hunting for “undervotes” – ballots cast but on which no candidate for president had been selected.

The strategy was to have election officials (again, friendly election officials) look at voter registration, if the undervote was cast by a registered Democrat, the claim could be made that this person meant to vote for Gore, if a Republican they meant to vote for Bush and let the county’s natural voter math do its work. When you’re only hunting for a few hundred votes here’s a good way to find them.

Liberals of course are hoping we’ve all forgotten this. They want us to dismiss history. The Al Gore campaign and DNC refused to accept results and wanted to base the outcome of the entire national election on a recount of four counties they selected and in which they were attempting to literally pull votes out of thin air.

Scores of Democrats still run around to this day, sixteen years later, claiming George W. Bush “stole” the election and was never the legitimate president of the United States. Many of the exact same people are now claiming Donald Trump a traitor, unfit for office and worse over the very mention of the possibility he may do the exact same thing they actually did.

But somehow it’s different.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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