Whoa: This poll shows Trump with 20 point lead…

To little surprise, it turns out small business owners prefer the businessman candidate for president.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are extremely wealthy, though Trump acquired his wealth from business and Hillary from politics (which totally isn’t suspicious at all). Trump is a billionaire, and Hillary a multi-millionaire, but Trump has managed to reverse the perception of the Republican Party as the party of the rich this election. He may be the only populist with a butler, but Hillary’s biggest donor is Wall Street, which has unsettled even a number of liberals.

Via Breitbart:

A poll (last month) surveying small business owners found that they prefer Donald Trump over his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Mantra, which is a social network specifically for small business, conducted a nationwide poll surveying 834 business owners from Sept. 26 to Sept. 28. The poll…asked the small business owners which candidate’s tax policy they found most favorable. Sixty-one percent said they thought Trump’s tax plan was the most favorable, while 38.8 percent favored Clinton’s tax policy.

Nearly 60 percent of those surveyed said they plan to vote for Trump, while roughly 40 percent said they plan to vote for Clinton.

Mantra’s CEO John Swanciger said that small business owners are “high invested” in the election.

“This year alone, we’ve seen updates to the minimum wage, overtime regulations, and continuing healthcare policy changes. With such important issues on the line, we’ll likely see more small business owners tuning into the debates and showing up to polls come Nov. 8.,” Swanciger explained.

A small amount of good news perhaps? Granted this poll was taken a month ago, and it will take some time before we see the results of last night’s (final) debate in the polls. Having said that, the USC/LA Times Daybreak poll shows Trump edging upwards overnight.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]

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