FACE OFF: Megyn Kelly vs. DNC chair on Wikileaks; look who wins…

In the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton mocked Donald Trump by casually mentioning she knows he likes to live in his own reality.

When you see Hillary respond to Trump’s attacks, it’s hard not to think the same about her. She scored a gold at the mental gymnastics, somehow managing to blame her statements in a speech to a Brazilian bank that as a politician, you need to “have both a public and private position on certain issues” and compare herself to Abraham Lincoln. She also stated in the same speech that “my dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders,” one which she claimed reflected her energy policy. Can anyone please explain what an “open borders” energy policy would look like?

Among the other revelations from the Wikileaks releases was that DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile leaked at least one question from a CNN town hall to Hillary back in March prior to the debate. Megyn Kelly pressed Brazile on that last night, and her response was pure denial, obfuscation and industrial-strength squirming.

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Megyn Kelly pressed Brazile on where she got the question and the result was an awkward several minutes of television.

After asking Brazile about the James O’Keefe tapes, Kelly turned to the email and the question provided in advance. “You were accused of receiving a debate question before a CNN townhall, where they partnered with TVOne…and that you had this question on March 12th that verbatim, verbatim was provided by Roland Martin to CNN the next day,” Kelly asked.

“I did not receive any questions from CNN,” Brazile replied. “Where did you get it?” Kelly asked.

At this point, Brazile tried to dodge saying, “Well, first of all, what information are you providing to me that will allow me to see what you’re talking about?” Kelly then restated the facts again based on the Wikileaks document. “Where did you get it,” Kelly asked again.

“You know as a Christian woman I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted because your information is totally false,” Brazile claimed.

“I’m getting it from Podesta’s email,” Kelly replied.

“Podesta’s emails were stolen,” Brazile replied adding, “You’re so interested in talking about stolen material…you’re like a thief that want to bring into the night the things that you found that was in the gutter.”

With Brazile sputtering nonsense, Kelly dropped the hammer. “Donna, CNN’s Jake Tapper came out and said this was unethical, somebody was unethically helping the Clinton campaign. He said I love Donna Brazile but this is very, very upsetting.” After quoting a bit more of what Tapper said, Kelly concluded, “Who gave you that question?”


Bizarrely, Brazile’s only defense seemed to be that because the Wikileaks information was obtained illegally, it was somehow invalidated. But when it comes to a scandal, it matters that you got caught, not how.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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