Michael Moore makes STUNNING claim about Hillary’s role in Vince Foster’s death…

What a strange election it’s been.

We’ve never seen an election where voters are simultaneously so polarized against one candidate and apathetic in support of the other. With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton setting records as two of the most disliked presidential candidates in American history, I (Matt Palumbo) have noticed anecdotally that most voters list opposition to the “other guy” (or gal, as the case may be) as their main reason for supporting their candidate of choice. Those who are supporting Hillary don’t necessarily like her; they just dislike Trump more (and vice-versa). I think I’ve seen more Bernie Sanders lawn signs from people who have forgotten to take them down than Hillary Clinton signs.

People are so dead set on their candidate it seems either of them could kill someone and they wouldn’t lose a single supporter. (after all, how have Hillary’s scandals not hurt her more?) Trump even joked that was the case among his own supporters (which drew him criticism from the media).

Now, Michael Moore just proved Hillary’s supporters are no different. In fact, Moore thinks it would be totally awesome if Hillary Clinton kills people!

As the Daily Wire reported: It turns out that Michael Moore believes that Hillary Clinton could murder someone and he would still vote for her over Donald Trump.

There’s a shock.

Moore made a quickie 90-minute movie titled Michael Moore In Trumpland, which Showbiz411 describes as “basically a 90-minute stand-up routine shot at a theater in southern Ohio.” The title refers to Trump voters in the Ohio primary.

Moore jokes about the suicide of Clinton aide Vince Foster, asserting, “I hope she did kill Vince Foster. That’s badass.”

According to The New York Times, Moore compares Clinton to Pope Francis by opining that Francis was “biding his time for decades, patiently and unobtrusively waiting for his chance, which he seized once he ascended to the papacy. Mrs. Clinton, too, he says, has waited for years. He fantasizes that if elected she will release the pent-up idealism she’s been clinging to since college, resulting in a flurry of landmark legislation reminiscent of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous first 100 days.

After what the Hillary camp was exposed saying about Catholics from the recent Wikileaks dump, I’m sure Pope Francis would be shocked to learn he’s just like Hillary!

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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