Folks, there’s really only ONE question that needs to be answered tonight

So, the final presidential debate is happening this evening, and the question is, will there be as large a viewing audience as there was with the first?

Early voting has begun in many places, so many have already made their decision and cast their vote. I’ve never been a fan of early voting. There should be either absentee or “day of” voting, and Election Day should be a national holiday with polling stations open from 7am-7pm. Of course James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have been releasing some very interesting videos about electoral integrity as defined by the progressive socialists of the left. And of course the liberal progressive media has not, as of this time, reported on any of these videos. There is an ancient proverb — some consider a curse: “may you live in interesting times.” That’s certainly an understatement for what we’re experiencing.

The final presidential debate topics, moderated by Fox News Chris Wallace, will center on the topics of immigration, Supreme Court, debt/deficit, and fitness for being commander in chief. I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to conduct a pre-debate comparative analysis, and how I’d answer if I were Donald Trump.

On the topic of immigration, no doubt Wallace will challenge Trump on some of his comments, such as a ban on Muslims. What Trump will need to do very quickly is pivot and discuss what’s wrong with our current immigration process.

He should be very familiar with the Senate Homeland Security report we shared with y’all last week. It specifically details the a gap in our border security and how we’re being exploited. Trump needs to remind us of the fate of Kate Steinle, since the liberal progressive media has kept it hidden – and stress the issue of criminal illegal aliens and sanctuary cities and federal funding of those municipalities. He should remind us of the issue of Islamic terrorism with porous borders — the USSOUTHCOM J2 has provided an intelligence assessment, along with the House Homeland Security Committee. The key for Trump in this area will be not to get dragged into a dissertation about what he said, but rather articulate what is happening, and its consequences for the American people.

Hillary Clinton cannot make any definitive assertions on the topic of immigration other than to demonize and attack Trump. What Trump needs to do to counter is draw the comparison of Hillary Clinton to Germany’s Angela Merkel and the horrific situation of the mass Syrian refugee migration — a modern-day Trojan Horse. The facts are that Mrs. Clinton wants more Syrian refugees, and if Germany and Europe are any evidence, that is a tragic course of action.

As the debate moves to the Supreme Court, Trump doesn’t need to get mired down talking about the vacancy that has yet to be filled on the SCOTUS. What he needs to do is discuss honoring the Constitution, and restoring the rule of law.

Trump needs to address the issue of judicial activism and how our separation of powers, coequal three branches of government, and checks and balances are out of whack. If he can be coached well enough, he could give the example of how the SCOTUS, under the leadership of Chief Justice Roberts, wrongly granted excessive powers of taxation to the Congress of the United States.

He should address how the Obamacare individual mandate isn’t constitutional based on the Commerce Clause in the constitution — and that’s where the ruling should have ended. Instead, due to its judicial activism, we have a court that has allowed the legislative branch to use taxation as a means of behavioral modification — forcing Americans to buy a certain private sector commodity under penalty of taxation. Also, Trump should question how the 14th Amendments “equal protection clause” can be used to force states to conduct same-sex marriage, yet law-abiding Americans do not have equal protection for their Second Amendment right.

And this would be a great transition for Mr. Trump when it comes to Hillary Clinton who says she’ll reverse the SCOTUS Heller vs DC gun rights decision. In other words, Hillary Clinton doesn’t believe in the inalienable right to keep and bear arms, and that it shall not be infringed. Also, Mr. Trump needs to challenge Hillary Clinton on her statements regarding repeal of the Citizens United SCOTUS decision about campaign funding. He MUST challenge Mrs. Clinton on the issue of massive union campaign financing along with “right to work” across America.

When it comes to the issue of the debt/deficit, Mr. Trump would do well to remind Mrs. Clinton of the words of her husband twenty years ago: “the era of big government is over.” Trump should ask her point blank: do you believe what your husband said twenty years ago?

It’s vital to put Hillary Clinton on the horns of a dilemma and then demonstrate how her higher taxes and greater government spending schemes are what’s exploded our debt and deficits over the past Obama years…and began in the Bush years. Trump needs to talk about spending and budget reform, explaining the difference between baseline and zero-based budgeting.

He needs to talk about how he’ll have his cabinet review every government agency and programs in order to reduce the size and scope of the federal government. And mostly, he needs to draw the comparison on how he’ll encourage trillions of dollars of capital to return to the United States, while Mrs. Clinton will discourage and punish economic growth.

But, it’s the topic of “fitness” to be president where Trump, who will have this final chance before the American people, can have the greatest impact.

Trump needs to simply articulate that a Hillary Clinton presidency will institutionalize criminal behavior at the highest level in the United States. This would be the greatest experiment in Pavlovian political consequence since Barack Obama — the utter reward of the most abhorrent and corrupt behavior.

He should announce people like Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin as examples of members of Mrs. Clinton’s cabinet, who along with others have been granted immunity from criminal prosecution. He must address the issue of trustworthiness as being the most important issue.

What Trump needs to do in this part of the debate is to show humility and drop the names of some potential individuals on his cabinet — and say, none of them need immunity for criminal allegations. This is the point where Trump needs to show America is not voting for him alone, but for a team of exceptional, highly competent, and morally sound men and women who will “Make America Great Again” but more importantly, restore the honor and integrity of our Constitutional Republic.

And when Mrs. Clinton tries to go there, he needs to remind people that he’s never destroyed federal government property — or even stole it from the American taxpayers. He needs to remind the American people that the degraded and chaotic global security situation occurred under the purview of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. Trump needs to remind us all that we’re at a time when the American people cannot trust any government agency…not the IRS, DoJ, EPA, FBI, or State Department, and Hillary Clinton has been in the center of much of this.

There’s a reason Hillary Clinton has been AWOL for the past five days – she’s trying to ride this out. Mrs. Clinton knows she’s the most horribly flawed candidate potentially in the history of our Republic. She actually makes Richard Nixon look like a Cub Scout. She’s been depending on a very, very complicit liberal progressive media to cover her, and they’ve shown their bias.

The question that will come after the end of the debate is if Trump made the debate about America, or himself? We know who and what Hillary Clinton is, but what decision shall we make as a nation in three weeks?


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