Whoa: BRUTAL meme shows what’s REALLY at stake in this election

Here are several very serious reasons to not vote for Hillary Clinton, unless you have no issue with corruption, deceit, lying and unconstitutional actions. This little ditty is circulating on the internet, and it’s not far off.


If this very possible new SCOTUS under a POTUS Killery doesn’t scare the hell out of you, I don’t know what will!!!!!

New SCOTUS Justices – Eric Holder, Bill Clinton, Barak Husein Obama, Loretta Lynch – if not these uber Liberals, certainly 3-4 other uber liberals nominated by HRC over her tenure should she be elected POTUS pushing the Vote on SC to 6-3 in favor of Progressive agenda.

This seems to be the major point that the establishment, elitist, ruling class RINOs and undecided Independents are missing as are the Libertarians planning to vote for pothead Gary Johnson.

When this inevitable event of an Uber-Liberal SCOTUS for next 3-4 decades occurs under POTUS HRC then ……………………….

GONE: Individual liberty; the 1st Amendment; 2nd Amendment; 4th Amendment; 10th Amendment …..the Constitution of the U.S. and our Constitutional Republic with its main theme of limited government. Also gone – all vestiges of the Republican Party, Conservative Party or any party except the Democrat one.

REPLACED BY: A 1-party system that combines Socialism and Fascism e.g. Communism where the the rich (including the elitist ruling class) get even richer and more powerful; the independent middle class continues to shrink; the so called poor receive even more tax free govt. benefits becoming even more dependent; our borders are open; globalism and one world govt./new world order runs rampant over our national sovereignty; illegal aliens and Islamic invaders pour in increasing the Democrat voting base and the Federal Govt. and Debt continue to grow as our freedom shrinks !!!!!

Folks, given everything we’ve learned lately about the Clinton machine, you think this is tinfoil hat stuff? I don’t.


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