SICK: Wikileaks exposes what Hillary did IMMEDIATELY after Scalia’s death…

Amidst the sensationalism the Clinton media wants us to focus on in these final weeks of the election, we risk losing sight of one of the most critical issues at stake: the future of the Supreme Court. We know even one term of a Hillary Clinton presidency would certainly tip the balance away from core constitutional freedoms. At a a minimum, the next president will oversee replacing the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who died suddenly last February — and in all likelihood, that will only be the beginning.

And now a freshly-released email reinforces just how scary even that one SCOTUS replacement could be under a potential President Hillary Clinton. Apparently, barely a day after Justice Scalia’s death, team Hillary was already plotting replacements — and including input from none other than George Soros’ right-hand man.

Via Lifezette:

An email released by WikiLeaks on Tuesday reveals that Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta discussed possible Supreme Court replacements for Justice Antonin Scalia with a top George Soros henchman — barely a day after Scalia’s death.

“Remember our discussion of Wallace Jefferson, Chief Justice in Texas?” Chris Stone, Soros’ right-hand man and president of Open Society Foundations, asked John Podesta in an email titled “Scalia Replacement.”

[Interesting to note that the chief justice in question, Wallace Jefferson, is listed as a Republican. But one can’t help but wonder what’s behind Soros’ team discussing him. ]

“Yup,” Podesta responded simply. The exchange not only shows the callous opportunism of liberals who couldn’t even wait 48 hours before salivating over replacing Scalia with a leftist activist masquerading as an impartial justice — but also the outsized influence that Soros and his Open Society Foundations exert on American politics.

The revelation that a Soros agent plotted over potential Supreme Court picks with Clinton’s campaign chair sheds some light on the insidious relationship between the progressive billionaire and Democratic causes in America.

And if there was any doubt, the new email warns of just how much influence George Soros would have in a potential new Clinton administration. Another recently-leaked email reveals Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook talking about “making Soros happy.”

Whether you are a full-throated Trump supporter or a NeverTrumper who may be voting holding your nose on November 8, the future of the Supreme Court — and the imperative of keeping globalist supreme Soros out of our government — is something we can all unite around.

[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]



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