Obama lectures media on “integrity of elections:” backfires INSTANTLY

After eight years of enduring Barack Obama as our president, it’s pretty clear the guy isn’t just a raging radical progressive, but also a ginormous hypocrite.

Today during a press conference with the Italian prime minister at the White House, Obama lectured the media on the “integrity of elections.”

Funny that Professor Hussein should give this lecture on the day Project Veritas releases a new video proving the Democrats are up to their eyeballs in engineering voter fraud.

And has he forgotten how the leftist journalists in this country helped the Democratic National Committee rig the primary for Hillary?

According to The Gateway Pundit Obama said,“That’s how democracy survives. because we recognize that there’s something more important than any individual campaign. And that is making sure the integrity and trust in our institutions sustains itself. Because democracy by definition works by consent.”

Obama must have forgotten about how Democrats rigged the primary election this year against Bernie Sanders.

The elites didn’t just rig the debates and primary against Bernie, they also called him a doofus.

The hypocrisy is strong with this one, wouldn’t you agree?

If those who supported Bernie really believed in principle, they’d be outraged over these comments and would let their voices be heard at the polls, opting to withhold a vote for Hillary, hitting her where it hurts the most.

One thing this election cycle has clearly demonstrated is that average Americans are fed up with both parties and the career politicians who run them. We’re a nation ready for true change, but it’s not the kind being served up by progressivism.

Maybe one day these folks will get the hint.


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