Wikileaks: The FINAL nail?

With each passing day, more national security compromises, self-serving self-enriching behaviors, frauds, scams and general malfeasance on the part of Hillary Clinton come to light via new Wikileaks data dumps. But the news media’s obsession with things Donald Trump has said have consistently overshadowed things Hillary Clinton has actually done.

Revelations have now surfaced that Clinton backed the Puerto Rico Debt Relief Bill, a plan to help the financially struggling U.S. commonwealth deal with a $70 billion debt it managed to rack up, after a top Clinton fundraiser –who just happens to be a lobbyist for the Puerto Rican treasury— emailed his brother to discuss the situation. Who is this brother? None other than John David Podesta, Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign.

John’s brother, Tony Podesta, has been well-compensated by Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican treasury department paid Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman’s brother’s firm nearly two million dollars!

The email in question is from March 2015. At that point Puerto Rican treasury had already paid Tony’s firm, The Podesta Group, the $1.9 million since enlisting the firm’s services, whatever those are, in 2013. How does a government $70 billion in debt cough up $1.9 million to pay a consultancy firm and what consulting or services was that firm providing? Specifically?

Tony Podesta, serving as president of The Podesta Group, emailed his brother with a subject line of “Puerto Rico.” The body of the email asked, “Can you call me today re PR. Need advice not action.” At the time Tony Podesta and other lobbyists in the firm were pushing for passage of congressional legislation to allow Puerto Rico to restructure its debt through a Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing.

A few months after the email between the Podesta brothers, Clinton officially backed congressional legislation authorizing Chapter 9 proceedings. Amazing timing.

So Hillary formally backed legislation to relieve Puerto Rico of billions of dollars in debt after her campaign manager’s brother emailed him seeking “advice” and after his client had paid him $1.9 million for “services.” What could those services be? Could they be…using one’s connections in Washington to help see to it the passage of a debt relief bill is assured?

If this doesn’t sound like influence-peddling, read on.

In addition to being her campaign manager’s brother, Tony Podesta is a high-dollar Clinton funder and fundraiser. According to Federal Election Commission filings he has provided “reportable bundled contributions” of about $200,000 for the campaign.

He has also donated between $25,000 and $50,000 to –surprise, surprise– The Clinton Foundation. Is there anyone too shady for this foundation to accept cash from? How many instances of cash contributions to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for favors, …allegedly… have there been now? One can barely keep track. We also just learned (also through Wikileaks) that the government of Qatar gave the Clinton Foundation a $1 million check for Bill’s birthday.

Why would a foreign government, any foreign government let alone one in the Middle East, give a million dollars as a birthday gift? The secrecy, corruption, payoffs and general level of suspicious activity that surrounds this couple is astounding.

Exactly what the Podestas talked about isn’t known, but other hacked emails show Clinton specifically asked her staff to craft public statements in support of Puerto Rican debt relief after the Podesta brothers apparently discussed the issue but before Hillary publicly backed Chapter 9 proceedings. Could it be that some of the $1.9 million made it into Clinton Foundation bank accounts?

Congress eventually passed and the president signed a Puerto Rico debt relief package. As of this writing neither the Clinton campaign nor the Podesta Group had responded to requests for additional information.

This cozy, cash-laden exchange typifies exactly what Donald Trump has tapped into. Americans by-and-large believe there is so much corruption, so much cronyism, so many snakes in the grasses around Washington that everyone is on the take, everyone is into someone’s pockets and the entire brood is wallowing around in the muck of get-rich politics. Wikileaks having hacked John Podesta’s email account and putting this information into the public domain only confirms the suspicions.

Of course the other suspicion is that our “mainstream media” is equally corrupt and will not cover stories like this one. Sadly, the American public is mostly right on both counts.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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