WHOA: Cable news ratings SHOCKER

Much of the disgust voters have been feeling during this election cycle is the blatant bias and manipulation perpetrated by the media – particularly the mainstream media.

We’ve discussed here previously how Donald Trump’s use of the p-word and alleged sexual harassment have garnered far more coverage than the corruption and lies uncovered in the Wikileaks dumps.

As a result, conservatives in particular have come to rely on other news outlets (and dare we say it, even this website) to find coverage of the stories the liberal media ignores. On television, the old stalwart was Fox News.

Perhaps so. As this chart from AdWeek for Thursday, October 13th shows, Fox still leads the other news channels in total viewers.

But the giant shock is in the prime 9 pm slot where, for the first time Megyn Kelly was topped by…Rachel Maddow? Seriously?


Now granted, this is just one day only and it would be wrong to assume Megyn’s viewers have jumped ship for Rachel, but it’s got to be a worrying trend for Fox which up until now has seen Megyn Kelly as their rising star.

Perhaps Kelly’s repeated attacks on Donald Trump have finally taken their toll.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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