WOW: CNN reporter openly ADMITS…

Anyone with more than two fully functioning brain cells knows the mainstream media has lost credibility as legitimate, objective journalism. The overwhelming majority of news organizations have leaned far to the left for some time, and this election cycle, their blatant agenda pushing is more out in the open than it’s ever been.

These folks spend way more time trying to push anti-police narratives, ignoring the ghoulish behavior of Planned Parenthood, and digging up dirt on Republican candidates than they do providing facts to the general public to keep them well informed.

While many journalists in the business still attempt to at least put on a front to hide their bias, CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour proudly embraces her bias, no questions asked.

Truth Revolt reports, CNN international correspondent Christiane Amanpour isn’t ashamed to brag about her bias as a journalist. The veteran reporter released a video on Thursday declaring herself to be “truthful, not neutral.”

“I learned a long time ago when I was first confronted with outrageous behavior in places like the Balkans when one side was slaughtering another because of its ethnic and religious definition,” Amanpour said. “I learned that as a journalist, I could not be morally equivalent and nor could I present false factual equivalence. I insist on being truthful, not neutral.”

Here’s a few samples of her work that clearly back up her lack of neutrality:

TruthRevolt has often featured Amanpour’s “not neutral-ness.” During her coverage of Nelson Mandela’s memorial in South Africa in 2013, Amanpour said, “I honestly can’t help but think right now about Israel and the Palestinians.”

“Benjamin Netanyahu is under so much pressure these days and probably feels to a great extent his country is isolated in the same way that apartheid South Africa was isolated,” she added.

That’s not neutral, nor truthful, as she failed to mention how all races and faiths in Israel have the same rights and many prime ministers including Netanyahu have called for a Palestinian state, yet, not one Palestinian has ever called for the recognition of the Jewish State.

Amanpour wasn’t “truthful” when reporting on Brexit when she said it was “white identity” and “xenophobia,” not democracy, that was behind Britain’s vote to exit the European Union.

Her audience wasn’t exactly impressed with admission. This is tasty, folks.

“CNN full of propaganda and lies! The coverage of the Balkan conflict was one big fat lie for Nato and there so called new world order interests just like the Arab spring and Ukraine! What a world we live in !!!”

“Really now you are bragging about being biased? They should teach ethics to journalists.”

“You ought to be BOTH. Journalism is completely dead as a form of factual information. Stop telling us WHAT to think. That is not your job.”

“You are definitely not truthful or neutral !!!!!!!

While the lack of objectivity is quite disgusting from an ethical standpoint, at least Amanpour is being honest and isn’t trying to pull a fast one involving her obvious slant, unlike the majority of her colleagues.

The whole point of a free press is to have a means of disseminating information to reach a widespread audience and help them make informed decisions, while holding public officials accountable for their actions.

Now, the media works hand-in-hand with crooked politicians, all to push a radical transformation of our nation that will see liberty put to death and folks enslaved to an oppressive government.

My, how we’ve fallen away from our roots.

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