New Wikileaks email: ‘SMOKING GUN’

If Donald Trump deserves credit for anything this election, it’s bringing the issue of immigration to center stage. He forced all the other Republican candidates to come forward with their own immigration plans, which allowed Trump and the general public to expose how weak many of them were.

We know that despite whatever Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton might say now, she is for open borders. She spoke in favor of a stronger border in public many years ago; however, as we learned from the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches, she believes politicians need to keep a public and private opinion on certain issues. One of those issues is none other than immigration, as she also said in one of those speeches that she dreams of “open trade and open borders.”

What does that mean for her campaign? Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions sees this as nothing less than a smoking gun. As Breitbart reported:

“It’s a smoking gun,” Sessions told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM 125 The Patriot Channel on Thursday morning when asked for his reaction to the revelation.

Years ago it finally dawned on me: I used to say, and still do, the Democrats and liberals will pass any immigration bill as long as it doesn’t work,” Sessions said.

He continued: What does that mean? It means they have never wanted a lawful system of immigration. They have frustrated it at every turn. They say they do, for 30 years they have promised and Republicans have promised to produce a lawful system of immigration. They’ve had multiple opportunities to do so with the American people supporting them overwhelmingly. But have they done it? No. Why? Just what that email reveals. She doesn’t do it because she believes in open borders.

That’s where they want to take our country. They don’t believe in borders. This is a deep philosophical question and the answer is crystal clear. You can’t operate in this world today with open borders. Give me a break. You could spend hours explaining why. They never say it publicly because they know they can’t defend it.

So this is an incredible revealing statement that she is going to the American people right now claiming that Donald Trump made errors 10 or 20 years ago whereas she is perpetuating one of the greatest false campaigns ever saying she is going to have a lawful system of immigration when she has no intention whatsoever to do so.

When it comes to immigration, liberals will accept any plan, no matter how poorly designed. The goal for them isn’t any kind of economic benefit; it’s to bring in millions of potential Democrat voters.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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