In first interview since debate, Hillary ACCUSES Trump of…

While Hillary Clinton appears to be clearing off the campaign trail for several days in advance of the debate while she lets better-liked surrogates do her talking, she did manage to hop onto a friendly stage with Ellen DeGeneres. And in what might arguably be one of the greatest examples of irony ever in the political realm, Hillary told Ellen she felt threatened by Donald Trump.

Why did she feel threatened by the real estate mogul? No, it wasn’t because he gave her a brutal shellacking by consistently bringing up the truth about her many indiscretions.

It was because he, according to her, he was trying to “literally stalk her around the stage.”

Guess she knows what it feels like to be one of her husband’s victims now.

Mediaite is reporting, In her first interview since the second presidential debate, Hillary Clinton recalled feeling Donald Trump “literally stalk [her] around the stage.”

Describing the experience to Ellen DeGeneres in an interview posted online Friday, Clinton said, “It was clear that my opponent Donald Trump was going to try to dominate the space almost to the exclusion of the people who were sitting there.”

“Because of the revelation of the public video and everything that came out […] he was really all wrought up and you could sense how much anger he had,” she continued.

“And so he was really trying to dominate and literally stalk me around the stage. And I would feel this presence behind me, and I would think, ‘Whoa this is really weird.’ I was just trying to stay focused, trying to keep my composure.

So many jokes are going to come rolling out of this nonsense it’s going to blow your mind.

It’s pretty clear Hillary is attempting to jump on the “Trump’s a rapist threat to women” bandwagon by claiming to feel she was being “stalked.”

With all of the alleged victims of abuse at the hands of Trump suddenly coming forward — just a week after the infamous bus tape was released and just weeks before Election Day — the timing of Clinton’s comments are just too convenient to ignore.

Obviously, Trump was not stalking her. Perhaps he had too much caffeine or was just attempting to stay in range of a camera or just felt like he couldn’t stand in one spot. Either way, he wasn’t stalking her or attempting to threaten her. That’s just ridiculous.

To hear a woman who has spent a large majority of her life attempting to silence victims sexually assaulted by her own husband complain about being stalked — well, the irony is just too much.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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