Wikileaks exposes TWO WORDS that should TORPEDO Hillary’s Hispanic support…

It’s thanks to the emails from the DNC hack released by Wikileaks back in July that we know the DNC referred to Latino voters as “taco bowls.” They were likely making reference to Donald Trump, who, the day before, released a photo on Cinco de Mayo of himself with a taco bowl and the caption, “I love Hispanics!”

Other leaked DNC emails showed just how cringe-inducing their Latino strategy was, practically treating them like impressionable children, or perhaps a pet to be trained.

Now, along with the latest Wikileaks leak comes more of the Democrat’s questionable Latino outreach strategy from the same people who think Trump won’t receive a single Latino vote. As the Daily Caller reports: Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, urged the former secretary of state to contact two “needy Latinos” to convince them to endorse her for president, hacked emails released on Wednesday show.

“Needy Latinos and 1 easy call,” Podesta wrote to Clinton in an Aug. 21, 2015 email released by Wikileaks.

Podesta went on to list Federico Pena, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Transportation, and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson as the two Latinos Clinton should woo. Podesta suggested reaching out to Pena as a favor to Ken Salazar, President Obama’s first secretary of the interior and a former Colorado senator.

Podesta also urged Clinton make “a quick call” to Richardson “to ask him to stay stout and publicly endorse.”

“But if it’s too galling, don’t bother,” he added. He also said that Richardson “can be a dick,” but that he is politically useful because he “is still on TV a lot, especially on Univision and Telemundo.”

Once Latinos realize that they’re nothing more than political pawns for the Democrat Party, their political allegiances should change overnight. Considering that two of the nation’s largest newspapers, The New York Times and Washington Post, haven’t published even a single story on this email, there’s an obvious attempt to hide that fact.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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