Yes, she KNEW it

When it comes to having her scandals being made public, Hillary Clinton has the luxury of being given a heads up.

Would it be a stretch to think that the woman who was formally secretary of state would get special treatment from the State Department? Of course not – and as we just learned from the latest Wikileaks dump, that was indeed the case.

Via The Daily Caller

The Department of State provided a detailed readout of official email traffic it was about to release in response to Freedom of Information Act requests to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The emails concerned speeches former President Bill Clinton gave abroad, and did not include any traffic from Hillary Clinton, according to new emails released by WikiLeaks.

“All — DOS is soon releasing another round of documents and email traffic (not hers) in response to Judicial Watch’s FOIA request on DOS’s process for reviewing WJC’s speaking engagements,” Heather Samuelson wrote March 17, 2015. Samuelson has been a Clinton aide since the early 2000s and served as White House liaison during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. Maura Pally and Craig Minassian of the Clinton Foundation; Philippe Reines, a longtime Clinton adviser; press secretary Nick Merrill; communications director Jennifer Palmieri; Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff at State; and Tina Flournoy, President Clinton’s former chief of staff, are included on the email.

Samuelson then gave a detailed summary of specific documents that may be problematic for the Clinton campaign.

“It’s 116 pages with approx. 50 sponsor/subsponsor requests,” the email continues. “No objections by DOS in this batch, but some lengthy internal discussions among DOS officials that I highlighted below.”

The State Department advised that it is standard practice to share documents subject to FOIA requests with outside organizations, if those organizations have equities in the requested materials.

 “The State Department does not comment on alleged leaked documents,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “But generally speaking, when processing documents for release through the Freedom of Information Act, it is standard practice for the State Department to refer documents to private companies and other outside organizations – including the Clinton Foundation – if the Department believes proprietary information may be contained in the documents.”

“Outside entities are routinely given a chance to review documents and provide input to the Department about proprietary information that may need to be protected from public release,” he added.

According to Judicial Watch president Tim Fitton, it’s an abuse of FOIA exemptions for the Clinton Foundation to have been able to review the materials in question before they were released. With that being said, an FBI investigation into all this would surely find Hillary Clinton repeatedly broke the law — just like the last FBI investigation, right?

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]

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