Leaked email shows Hillary had to be TOLD to…

Admittedly, I (Matt Palumbo) had thought Mitt Romney was the most robotic presidential candidate I’d see for awhile, but nothing could’ve prepared me for Hillary Clinton.

Does anyone else get the feeling she’s struggling to act human? Whether it be her exaggerated laughs, difficulty regulating her tone of voice, or anything she’s every said ever in attempting to connect with millennials, the woman’s personality time seems to be “robot.”  Heck – over 40 percent of her Twitter followers are just as fake as her personality.

Among the many revelations from the latest Wikileaks batch? That yes, her personality really is forced. As the Daily Caller reported: Newly leaked emails reveal that Hillary Clinton had to be told when to smile while she was speaking.

The emails, hacked from the campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account and published by WikiLeaks Tuesday, reveal that campaign staffers prompted Clinton to smile at certain times while she was preparing for the Democratic primary debates.

“[Smile] My goodness, I was having a lighthearted moment when I said that,” the talking point reads. “Look, my dad was a Republican.”

If she wins the election, will someone be coaching her on how to be president too? If so, we can only pray the person who takes that role is a Republican (and pigs can fly).

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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