Not a joke: Kerry suggests IDIOTIC new name for ISIS

One of the biggest issues facing our country is national security, particularly from militant Islamic terrorism, especially from followers of ISIS who’ve managed to carry out heinous attacks on American soil.

Unfortunately, our current leadership lacks intestinal fortitude and suffers from a raging case of pandering, having dedicated themselves to making Islamic refugees and immigrants the next big voter block they want to suck into the Democratic Party.

This line of thinking is likely the big reason liberal politicians refuse to say the phrase “militant Islamic terrorism” when referring to our enemies, making it nigh to impossible to actually identify and stop these folks from carrying out future attacks.

Well, our ingenious Secretary of State, John Kerry, has finally come up with a solution to the dilemma of figuring out what exactly liberals should say when referring to ISIS.

According to PJ Media, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested referring to ISIS as “the world’s most evil terrorist group” so as to not use the acronym references to “Islamic” or “State.”

Kerry noted at the Virtuous Circle Conference on Monday in Silicon Valley that he “rarely” uses the terms “ISIS” or “ISIL” at all.

“I’ve been on a lot of campaigns to get everybody to say “Daesh” because it’s a pejorative in Arabic — the initials — and I haven’t won that campaign at all,” he added.

“But it’s just — you kind of resort to the use of those letters because it refers to a state — it’s the Islamic State — and it’s not a state. There’s nothing legitimate about it. There’s nothing Islamic about it. It’s a complete misnomer. It’s their title and we shouldn’t use it and I feel that very strongly,” Kerry continued. “But it has gained — it’s the recognized term and if you want people to know what you’re talking about, unfortunately, sometimes you are forced to.”

He stressed that “it would be great if we could get away from that, and the key is the media to begin really to call it something else.”

“The terrorist group Daesh — that would be the best moniker, I think,” he said. “Or the most evil — the world’s most evil terrorist group.”

Seriously? “The world’s most evil terrorist group?”

Rather than fuss over what proper name to address our would-be murderers with, how about we send in the military and end their existence?

That sounds like a much better use of time than arguing over which politically-correct label to call terrorists who want us dead.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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