It’s HAPPENING: Men now being TAXED for…

Leftists drone on and on about how sexist our culture is, finding examples of sexism dwelling diabolically beneath every rock and lurking in every nook and cranny.

These feisty social justice warriors fight the good fight of equality by creating new hashtags designed to check “male privilege,” and writing up blog posts to share all of the various ways they loathe men and their oppressive “patriarchy.”

Well, a shop in SoHo is taking its feminist man-bashing offline into the real world by taxing men — just for being male.

Because nothing says fighting sexism like sexism itself, right?

DNA Info reports: A small independent pharmacy in SoHo is catching heat for posting signs that state women can shop there without paying tax — while men have to ante up a 7 percent “man tax.”

The signs in the store windows at 137 Thompson St. are meant to raise awareness about gender discrimination in the pricing of consumer goods, Thompson Chemists owner Jolie Alony told DNAinfo New York.

“I didn’t do it to be sexist or anything. I love gays and I love transgender — I’m a New Yorker,” Alony said. “It was just to make people aware. Not many people are aware of the fact of how much more women have to pay … taxes on tampons and all of their women stuff, and men don’t have to pay taxes on that stuff.

“We figured if people actually saw it, that they would understand,” she added.

The signs were first reported by Gothamist, after a photo was posted online.

Again, the left thinks the only way to destroy some perceived injustice is by creating more injustice. Only the mind of a leftist could concoct such a wacky idea.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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