‘The View’ host shames Bill Clinton accusers with one HORRIBLE word…

Ever since the now infamous Trump tape was released last week, lefties have wasted no time accusing The Donald of being a rapist or supporting and condoning sexual assault, taking every opportunity possible to toss the “sexist” card in his direction.

Strangely, when the GOP nominee mentions how his opponent Hillary Clinton has helped her husband — and former president — Bill cover up his many sexual indiscretions, suddenly all of those liberal feminists who blabber on and on about rape culture flip on their own.

Joy Behar, cohost of “The View” is a perfect example of this blatant form of hypocrisy.

Behar, in a disgusting display of slobbery love for Hillary, actually abandoned her own principles, checked her feminism at the door, and attacked those who’ve accused Bubba of sexual abuse, calling them “tramps.”

According to Truth Revolt, It’s another day on The View, and so it’s another day of thoughtful discussion from a feminist viewpoint. That must be why co-host Joy Behar called the alleged victims of rape and sexual assault at the hands of Bill Clinton “tramps,” because everyone knows the first rule in feminism is blame the victim. Right, Hillary?

“May I just point this out? Several of those women slept with [Bill] knowing he was a married man,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said. “[Hillary’s] the victim, here.”

“She was the one person to whom dirty was done and Donald redid the dirty by reintroducing [Bill’s accusers] to the victim,” Goldberg added.

Next, the panel wondered together if perhaps Hillary missed an opportunity to address these allegations in a way the public could understand.

Behar had just the right words for the Democratic candidate:

“‘I would like to apologize to those tramps that have slept with my husband.’ Maybe she could’ve said that.”

Say, aren’t leftists totally opposed to the whole “blaming the victim” thing? If so, it would seem Behar is being very, VERY inconsistent in the application of her worldview and beliefs.

Not only is this hypocritical, it’s also just plain awful. These women were victims who were used and abused by a politician who employed the power of his office to get what he wanted from them.

Where’s the cries for justice for these ladies? Oh. That’s right. Hillary shot that all down long ago.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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