Six-year-old drops five-word TRUTH BOMB on Hillary

If you ever want to hear an honest, no-filtered opinion, look no further than the closest child.

Children have no fear of offending others, of being “politically correct,” or not telling you an honest answer to a question you ask. They aren’t concerned with people pleasing, as the following example clearly illustrates.

GOP nominee Donald Trump recently dropped by a school in Las Vegas where an adorable six-year-old girl told reporters exactly what she thought of Hillary Clinton. She’s “actually bad,” “and she steals.”

According to IJReview, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump visited elementary school students in Las Vegas on Wednesday, but one 6-year-old girl ended up stealing the show.

The little girl, Annabelle, explained to a local news station that she was extremely nervous to see Trump in her first-grade classroom. Then, without being directed, she turned the topic to a female candidate who is also running for president, presumably Hillary Clinton.

From the mouth of babes, indeed!

This precious little girl pretty much hit the nail on the head in regards to Clinton’s personal character.

Hillary has built an entire career on lies, deception, and corruption, doing all manner of wickedness, willing to go to any length necessary in order to move up the ladder and achieve her next goal.

Given her extensive resume, which includes four dead Americans, it’s safe to say, as Annabelle eloquently put it, she’s “actually bad,” and under no circumstances should she be allowed to sit in the White House.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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