During last week’s vice presidential debate, Hillary Clinton running mate Tim Kaine arrogantly stated on multiple occasions that he didn’t understand how rival Mike Pence could defend certain past statements by Donald Trump. Kaine apparently didn’t seem to realize the irony. You’d think the man running alongside the least trusted presidential candidate in American history would be the one explaining himself.

Had only the latest Wikileaks dump occurred a week sooner, Pence would’ve had much more ammunition to work with. Kaine was questioned on the latest email dump on CNN of all places, and he quickly squirmed.

Via CNN:

Tim Kaine struggled to explain a position Hillary Clinton apparently took in a 2013 paid speech to a Brazilian bank that was uncovered in a new WikiLeaks hack over the weekend.

Clinton’s comments — she apparently told an audience that her “dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders” — are at odds with statements she has made on the campaign trail in which she has called for more restrictive trade policies in order to protect American workers.

In another speech, she spoke about the importance of having both a “public and private” stance on different political issues – which is hardly surprising coming from the woman who’s flip-flopped on so many issues that she was probably for flip-flopping before she was against it.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper that aired Sunday on “State of the Union,” Tapper asked Kaine if his running mate really desires “a hemispheric common market with open borders sometime in the future.”

“I have no way of knowing the accuracy of documents dumped by this hacking organization,” Kaine told Tapper. “Anybody who hacks in to get documents is completely capable of manipulating them.”

Kaine then explained Clinton’s current policy stance on trade, saying it focuses on three criteria: “Do they increase American jobs, do they increase American wages, and are they good for national security?”

Kaine then went on to point out that the hacking is attributable to the Russian government, and their intent is to influence the outcome of the election. Do we need to remind him that the truth is still true even when uncovered by Russian hackers?

But when Tapper pressed Kaine on whether the passage on “open borders and free trade,” was what she told Brazilian bankers, Kaine deflected by saying, “I have no way of knowing that.”

“Well, you could ask her,” Tapper replied. Kaine said: “Jake, I have no way of knowing the accuracy of documents dumped by this hacking organization.” Tapper said: “That’s fair. Is the document, then, is it accurate?”

“I have no way of knowing that,” Kaine said. Tapper concluded by asking Kaine if a Clinton-Kaine administration would push for open borders, to which Kaine responded by saying the ticket supports “comprehensive immigration reform,” explaining that they favor a pathway to citizenship for some undocumented immigrants.

If Hillary didn’t really make comments like this, she would’ve released those transcripts herself. As is the case with any Hillary scandal, we’ll all be expected to take her fourth explanation of the events at hand as Gospel.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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