BOOM: Debate audience ERUPTS when Trump says FIVE WORDS to Hillary…

As usual, the audience for tonight’s debate was instructed not to cheer during the debate, in order to keep the discussion moving. The audience, for the most part, complied with the instruction.

However, there was one moment when the audience of independent voters ERUPTED with cheers.

GOP nominee Donald Trump brought up the 33,000 Hillary Clinton emails that went missing even after the subpoena, along with the newly-disclosed two “bankers boxes” of printed emails that went missing in the course of the FBI probe.

Trump declared that when he becomes president, he will appoint a special prosecutor to look into the Hillary email scandal.

Hillary attempted to retort staying, “Good [thing] he’s not in charge of the laws in the country.”

It was Trump’s five-word response that got the audience cheering.

Hillary Clinton finally in jail after getting off scot free for far too long for myriad crimes. Now THAT is change we can believe in.

[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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