In wake of Trump tape, Clinton rape accusers SPEAK OUT

Russia continues to thumb its nose at us while Syria further implodes and Iran continues enriching both its coffers and plutonium, courtesy of the Obama administration. Our economy continues to languish in the tank. Meanwhile, new revelations have surfaced confirming Hillary Clinton’s role in gun running in Libya — certainly supplying arms to Islamists and perhaps even those who murdered an American diplomat and three other Americans in Benghazi. And just last night, newly leaked emails confirm, by Hillary’s own admission, that she has both “public” and “private” policy positions — a euphemism meaning it’s her regular practice to LIE to the American people in public about her policy positions.

But what is everyone up in arms about? Of course, a tape from 2005 in which GOP nominee Donald Trump made some lewd remarks about women to another guy. Of course, somehow they mysteriously surfaced just hours before the second debate and weeks before the general election. Oh, and curiously, just as Wikileaks released a new batch of rather inconvenient emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, and the State Dept. dumped new Hillary emails late Friday. (Wag the dog, anyone???)

Not only does outrage about Trump’s comment ignore what some (myself included) would call “bigger fish to fry” for the future of our nation, it also ignores far more egregious behavior toward women not just by Hillary’s husband, but by Hillary herself.

Now some of the women who were on the receiving end of such horrific treatment by Hillary and Bill Clinton have spoken out on the current controversy. This morning, Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick took to Twitter to speak out.

Via The American Mirror:

“How many times must it be said,” she tweeted Saturday morning.

“Actions speak louder than words. (Donald Trump) said bad things! (Hillary Clinton) threatened me after (Bill Clinton) raped me.”

She added, “Her actions are horrific.”

Broaddrick’s dose of perspective comes as the mainstream media has been silent and uninterested in the ongoing accusations against Bill Clinton and Hillary’s attempts to silence his accusers.

But in the last 24 hours, they’ve reported ad nauseam about Trump’s 2005 locker room talk caught on a hot mic.

Last Friday night, Trump apologized for his banter with “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush from a decade ago.

“I said it. I was wrong and I apologize,” Trump says in his statement.

To date, neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton have apologized to Broaddrick.

She has accused then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton of raping her in a Little Rock hotel room in 1978. She says Hillary later confronted her in an attempt to intimidate and silence her.

UPDATE: Paula Jones weighed in as well, writing on Facebook, “I don’t recall that Bill or Hillary has ever apologized to me and Juanita Broaddrick or Kathleen Willey yet Bill was getting his wee wee sucked under the Oval Office desk and still won a second term, UNBELIEVABLE!


Broaddrick commented, “You go girl.”

As Col. West said earlier, does Hillary Clinton REALLY want to make this election about Donald Trump and women? Needless to say, her house has been on fire, some say still is, and she wants to complain about the grass being too high at someone else’s house. And let’s not bring up the 12-year-old girl, a rape victim, that Mrs. Clinton assailed, enabling a rapist to go free — anyone heard the audio of Hillary laughing about how he denigrated that little girl?

Ms. Broaddrick is right. How many times must it be said that actions do indeed speak louder than words. And, yes, Hillary’s actions are truly horrific — on so many fronts.

And now, can we turn our focus to the large issues facing the very survival of our republic?

[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]



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