What an age of institutionalized racism we live in, when a black man can’t even give a speech at a university without massive backlash from the student body leading the college to cancel the event.

That’s the narrative you’d certainly hear if this happened to any member of a minority group, the outrage loud and swift.

Just not when the minority member in question is a conservative, however. The progressive desire to “elevate marginalized voices” ends when those voices go against the victimhood narrative and said minority member goes off the Democrat thought plantation to which minorities are to be constrained, in the world of progressives.

Just the latest casualty in the trend of conservative speakers being purged from campus is none other than Sheriff David Clarke. Indeed, today’s generation is strong enough to conquer anything — except opposing ideas.

Via Townhall:

Clarke, who was initially invited by the University of New Haven to give a talk about forensics (after all, he works in law enforcement), has been disinvited because of “circumstances.” Those “circumstances” likely have to do with Clarke’s conservative viewpoints, support for Donald Trump and criticism of Black Lives Matter. 

From Sheriff Clarke’s blog: “We accepted, began planning for the trip — my assistant exchanged over a dozen emails in July about booking flights and hotel.  Then a lull — nothing.  No communication, no hotel room reserved, no flights booked.

On August 3, my assistant had a conversation with Mr. Malloy, who was extremely apologetic and embarrassed to have to rescind the offer. Apparently, the higher-ups did not want me to speak on campus due to my remarks about #BlackLivesMatter.

What did I say that was so controversial?  I’m not sure what specific remarks drove them to uninvite me, but anyone who listens to me for five seconds knows I prefer to drop the “v” and call them #BlackLIESMatter.  They terrorize the police, lie about their true mission, promote anarchy like the old Black Liberation Army, and released a list of “demands” that included releasing known cop killers.

So, yeah — I’m going to keep speaking out against #BlackLIESMatter — but apparently that means I’m not going to be speaking about forensics at the University of New Haven anytime soon.”

Not surprisingly, University officials are trying to opaquely explain the decision and are ironically claiming the University “fully supports free speech.”

And refreshingly, that got a number of responses blasting them for their decision.




After the backlash, the school released another public comment trying to blame Clarke for the cancellation, stating he had requested accommodations they wouldn’t meet. Again, a number of alumni pointed out how this contradicted their original statement, and how they’ve been able to accommodate speakers who required less in the past.



In other news, thousands of New Haven alumni finally got the excuse they’ve been waiting for to hang up the phone next time their alumni association calls up asking for donations.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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