JUST IN: Hillary releases statement on Hurricane Matthew, just ONE problem…

Thursday, as Hurricane Matthew took its first aim at the United States, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was busy planning its ad buy on The Weather Channel (targeting Florida) to capitalize on the impending crisis (before quickly canceling after the ensuing outrage over her crass attempt). The campaign was also proactively calling on Florida officials to extend the state’s Tuesday voter registration deadline because of the hurricane’s potential disruption of late sign-ups.

Clearly, first and foremost in the minds of Hillary and her team were — of course — themselves.

Meanwhile, around Donald Trump released a statement Thursday afternoon at around 3:00 p.m.

“Please stay safe,” Trump wrote, offering thoughts and prayers for everyone in the path of the storm. “Nothing is more important than the safety of your family.”

Trump also thanked first responders for their efforts and extended condolences to the families in Haiti who lost lives.

Apparently, someone must’ve clued Hillary into the fact that her abject self-absorption and lack of concern for the American people was showing. And while she could go back to do that after election day, for now, she’s got to keep up appearances.

So this morning, she released a statement.

Via Breitbart:

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton released a statement to Americans in response to Hurricane Matthew, urging them to listen to local officials and take shelter.

“This is a serious storm, and it has already caused serious damage,” she said in a statement released at about 11:00 a.m. on Friday. “If you get an evacuation order, please follow it immediately.”

One of the Clinton campaign’s first reactions to the upcoming storm was to slot campaign ads for The Weather Channel and play politics with the voter registration date.

Clinton said that her “thoughts and prayers” were with the victims of the storm and that her “heart is broken” for the victims.

Putting aside our doubts about the existence of said heart in Hillary, the problem with her statement is that it took her a full 20 hours after Trump’s statement to get around to expressing concern about the storm’s impact on anyone else but her.

Better late than never? I suppose. She’s tried “never” before (as in sending help to the Americans under siege in Benghazi) and that was tragic.

Pretty clear where the American people stand in Hillary Clinton’s priority list.

[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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