As Hurricane Matthew hits US, Hillary has DEPLORABLE response

Infamous Obama lackey Rahm Emanuel — now mayor of Chicago — once said, “never let a good crisis go to waste,” — meaning, any time disaster strikes, it’s an opportunity for progressives to capitalize off the misfortune of others to further their own political agenda.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has taken this advice to heart in light of Hurricane Matthew.

The Queen of Corruption decided to use this natural disaster slamming into the United States to saturate folks with political ads — strategically placed on none other than The Weather Channel.

According to PoliticoDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton are at risk of being elbowed out of the news cycle by a powerful hurricane churning toward the Southeast coast and threatening to barrel into two of their most important battlegrounds: Florida and North Carolina.

But the Clinton camp is refusing to be completely shut out of the conversation: Her team is buying airtime on the Weather Channel in a slew of major Florida media markets.

Clinton is seeking to appeal directly to swing-state voters potentially in the path of Hurricane Matthew and will spend $63,000 to reach Weather Channel viewers there for five days beginning on Thursday, according to a source monitoring TV ad buys. Hurricane Matthew is currently forecast to approach the Florida East Coast late Thursday or on Friday.

It’s a risky proposition. The potential human and economic toll of major storms makes for one of the trickiest decisions of all for presidential campaigns: how to derive political benefit from natural disaster — or simply respond at all — without seeming to exploit real suffering.

The Weather Channel, unsurprisingly, gets a spike in viewership during natural disasters — and not just in the affected areas. Viewers across the country tend to tune in to watch storm footage. That might help explain parallel ad buys the Clinton campaign placed in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire that also coincide with Hurricane Matthew’s potential landfall. Trump and candidates for other offices have also advertised on the Weather Channel this year.

The new Clinton ads — a small sliver of a larger cable purchase in multiple swing states, which includes just-placed ads during postseason baseball games — appear to be an attempt to salvage some share of the conversation in the run-up to Sunday’s second presidential debate. The campaign was forced by the storm Wednesday to cancel a planned Florida trip by President Barack Obama, and they’re likely to lose multiple news cycles as residents grapple with storm recovery efforts in Florida, North Carolina and neighboring states that are less competitive electorally.

How low does one have to be to take advantage of the misfortune of others as a means to try furthering their own political campaign?

Pretty darn low, but then again, this sort of indecency has become par for the course when it comes to Hillary, and her track record is plenty proof that such an action is well within her parameters — or lack thereof — of morality.

It’s understandable to want to get your message out during a heated election cycle, especially just barely a month out from the big vote, but it’s beyond sleazy to use a natural disaster that’s likely going to cost folks lots of damage — and possibly lives — to further your own agenda.


Due to public outcry, The Clinton campaign has announced that they are rescheduling the planned ad buy. “We have requested that stations in Florida delay any of those ads on the Weather Channel until after the storm passes,” spokesman Jesse Ferguson said in a statement.

Of course, we know based on experience, that if somehow Hillary Clinton could’ve gotten away with it without the American people being any the wiser, she most certainly would have done so.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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