George W. Bush FINALLY weighs in on 2016 election, says…

Many Republicans were shocked when word spread (through a member of the Democrat Kennedy family) George H.W. Bush would be voting for Hillary Clinton.

The elder George Bush is not the only one in the Bush family doing so, it appears.

Barbara Bush was spotted at a Hillary fundraiser in Paris last weekend, and it’s hard to picture low-energy Jeb! giving Trump his vote. Laura Bush, too, hinted she would rather vote for Hillary than Trump.

So what about W? He’s been relatively silent on this election — until now.

As McClatchyDC reports: President George W. Bush at last weighed in on the election Tuesday night — but only to encourage his fellow citizens to vote.

The former president, who has remained silent on the 2016 presidential race since his brother Jeb dropped out of the Republican nominating contests, appeared during a short video tied to an upcoming documentary about the Broadway musical “Hamilton.”

“Hamilton’s America Wants You To Vote” featured a bevy of political figures encouraging citizens to fulfill their civic duty.

Bush, sitting in a library with an American flag halfway out of frame, told viewers that “our future depends upon you casting a ballot.”

Former First Lady Laura Bush also made an appearance, encouraging those watching to “stay involved in the political life in our country.”

They were two of several political figures, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, featured in the bipartisan PSA published to the “Tonight Show” YouTube channel Tuesday.

President Barack Obama was also featured in the video, saying, “if you’re inspired by Hamilton, if you’re inspired by our founders, understand that the system of government they designed only works if you participate.”

As sad as it is to consider, one can’t help but fear that W. will be casting his vote for Hillary. He already stated that he won’t be endorsing any GOP candidate during the primary, leading me to believe that one political dynasty will simply be helping another this election, rather than their own party.


[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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