BOOM: Mike Pence says in 7 words exactly why Hillary is UNFIT to lead…

For those of us who don’t partake of the Hillary Clinton Kool-Aid, the Democrat presidential nominee’s disdain for us “little people” has long been obvious.

From bashing Bernie supporters in private to publicly denouncing a large swath of the nation as a “basket of deplorables,” Hillary’s words make her true feelings unmistakable. And her actions — from shutting down a NYC department store for a haircut, so as not to have brush elbows with the common folk; keeping a wall around her estate to keep the riff raff out; to insisting on travel by private jet and presidential accommodations — speak even louder than her words on Hillary’s view of where she stands vis-a-vis the people she wishes to be served by serve as president. Oh yeah, and we can’t forget the Queen’s clear demonstration, through her email scandal, that she believes herself to be in an entirely different class than the rest of us poor peons, who are subject to the laws of this land while she herself is above them.

Think someone with this much disdain for the American people — who doesn’t even consider herself one of us —  is qualified to be the leader of a government of, by and for the people?

Gov. Mike Pence doesn’t think so, and he’s put into seven powerful words the reason why: “You cannot lead people that you loathe.”

Via Breitbart:

Vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence tells voters in Granville, Pennsylvania that the choice in this election is about security, prosperity, the Supreme Court of the United States and the integrity of the highest office in the land.

“You cannot lead people that you loathe,” Pence, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s running mate, told Pennsylvania voters as he remarked that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s contempt for millions of Americans should mean that she is disqualified from leading the people of the United States. Pence had made the comment earlier that day in an exclusive with Breitbart News.

Clinton previously called half of Trump supporters the “basket of deplorables,” “irredeemable,” and “not America.” Clinton later expressed regret for saying “half,” a fact that Pence reminded America of in Tuesday night’s Vice Presidential debate against Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine.

Pence told the enthusiastic crowd at the Granville Volunteer Fire Company that Trump will stand with the law enforcement community and first responders and will restore law and order to every community in Pennsylvania and this nation.

The choice in this election is about security, prosperity, SCOTUS, and integrity in the highest office in the land, Pence told the crowd. When people are looking for change, the other side has put up a candidate that “literally personifies a failed establishment in WADC,” said Pence.

He brought up Clinton’s mishandling of classified information on a private server, deleting of emails and referenced the Clinton Foundation when he spoke of the Hillary and former President Bill Clinton setting up a private foundation that allowed the taking tens of millions from foreign governments. Under U.S. election law, foreign donors cannot give money to U.S. candidates.

There are many reasons Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president. Her clear disdain for the American people just may be the most powerful one — so well articulated by Vice Presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence.

[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]



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