Hoo-boy: My single BIGGEST takeaway from last night’s debate

Ok, if there’s one takeaway from this debate, it’s that Senator Tim Kaine is a rude, annoying liar.

I have no idea how he believes Hillary Clinton would unify the country when she called a majority of Donald Trump’s supporters “deplorables.”

Anyway, Kaine’s biggest falsehood was stating no member of our military would face court-martial for being “extremely careless” with classified information…you know, like Hillary Clinton. Any member of our service — and we shared with you the story of the U.S. Navy Petty Officer submariner — would face court-martial for mishandling classified information.

Governor Mike Pence started out a little slow, but finished strong as he survived the constant assaults from Kaine. And I cannot tell you how many times Kaine kept talking about Pence defending Trump.

I’m still confused as to what an “intelligence surge” is, but I appreciate Tim Kaine explaining it as more government jobs. I would recommend to Senator Kaine that we just listen to the intelligence analysts and not doctor their reports, which is what we know is happening in the Obama administration – we’ve reported that here.

Tim Kaine has to be one of the most delusional people I’ve ever seen. To say Hillary Clinton stopped or eliminated the Iranian nuclear program is nuts — there is no agreement with the Iranians. They’ve violated every bit of that worthless piece of paper. And Osama bin Laden’s death has meant nothing as we’ve seen a proliferation of the global Islamic jihad. For Kaine to say Hillary Clinton knows Vladimir Putin… then why did she give him a stupid yellow toy with a red button? The reset has failed. This was all about Kaine attempting to attack Pence for being Trump’s running mate — he failed miserably.

What Kaine came off as was the defender of political elitism. Kaine defends a person, Hillary Clinton, who abandoned Americans to die in Benghazi and then lied about it — that tells us a lot about her character. Hillary Clinton has an aide with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, as we’ve reported here. Hillary Clinton has close associates who’ve been granted immunity and pleaded the Fifth over her using a private email server to conduct classified business of the United States. And did you notice — Kaine stayed away from talking about Obamacare, especially since President Bill Clinton just called it a mess.

Pence presented himself as measured and reflective, sincere and thoughtful…at times it appeared he was too contemplative, but he assured folks that he could step into the Oval Office.

All Tim Kaine did was repeat and regurgitate the lines of insult and act the parrot. I know what Donald Trump has said, but what do you and Hillary Clinton stand for when it comes to economic and national security? Kaine was so well rehearsed — like his running mate — he just kept running the same lines.

And unless Tim Kaine hasn’t paid any attention, we’re less safe than we were before Obama took office. That is objectively certifiable.

In the end, Tim Kaine reminded me of Eddie Haskell from the show “Leave it to Beaver.” He was just overly annoying.


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