EXPOSED: Here’s the BIGGEST lie from last night…

As the Clinton Foundation is under multiple investigations by the FBI, Tim Kaine attempted to sugarcoat the Foundation’s record at last night’s debate. He listed off a number of the charitable services the Foundation provides, which, if true, only make things worse for him. If the Foundation really is able to do so much good in the world, why does only 10 percent of the revenues they bring in actually go towards helping people?

Kaine also made the laughable claim that the Clinton Foundation ranks higher than the American Red Cross – a charity that spends over ninety cents on the dollar on aid.

As you can guess, that claim turned out to be a lie.

Via Breitbart

During Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine tried to claim that the Clinton Foundation is not a pay-to-play scheme, but “a Foundation that does good work,” — so good, in fact, that it “gets higher rankings for its charity than the American Red Cross.”

Fact check: FALSE.
It is not a new claim — and left-leaning had the chance to review it earlier in the year, declaring it a “mixture”:

WHAT’S TRUE: The charity ranking site CharityWatch grades the Clinton Foundation as an “A” and the Red Cross as an “A-.”

WHAT’S FALSE: The larger and more highly regarded Charity Navigator has refused to evaluate the Clinton Foundation after an early 2015 dispute over bad press and allegations of a lack of transparency; on 1 September 2016, Charity Navigator reinstated the Foundation’s rating.

The VERY left-leaning adds: “How much credence one should afford these rankings is debatable, however. Charity Navigator is the much larger and more highly regarded site.”

In addition, Charity Navigator had put the Clinton Foundation on a “watch list,” partly due to concerns over donations from foreign governments during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. It reinstated the Clinton Foundation, conveniently, in time for the 2016 presidential election.

The integrity of the American Red Cross has never been in question. Not so, the Clinton Foundation.

Pence also commented on pay-for-play allegations at the Foundation:

What else did the man lie about? There’s a whole laundry list that’ll be the subject of a whole other article entirely.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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