Liberals OUTRAGED when man in gorilla suit runs onto field wearing “All Lives Matter” t-shirt, EXCEPT…

You can imagine the gasps of horror when a man in a “Harambe” gorilla suit charged the field during a Chicago Bears game on Sunday wearing a t-shirt saying “All Lives Matter” on the front and “Put Down the Guns” on the back.

Liberals across the fruited plain were quick to decry this as a blatant act of racism. A gorilla suit? Obviously a white guy and Trump supporter. Except…the man pulling the stunt is in fact black.

The Chicago Sun Times reports, this man, Angelo Graham was the hirsute streaker.

(the) Tennessee man has been charged with running onto Soldier Field in a gorilla suit and an “All Lives Matter” shirt during Sunday’s Bears game.

Angelo Graham, 31, faces one felony count of criminal trespass to a place of amusement, according to Chicago Police.

Graham allegedly ran onto the field during a television timeout during the fourth quarter of the Lions vs. Bears game, wearing a t-shirt that said “All Lives Matter” on the front and “Put the Guns Down” on the back. He was tackled by security and arrested by police.

And…another liberal narrative bites the dust. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Of course this begs the question, what was Graham’s motive? Is he a social justice warrior trying to foment racial tension or just out to “punk” the public? We may never know.

But thankfully, no gorillas were injured as a result of this prank.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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