Alabama teen posts comments about police on social media; this happens IMMEDIATELY

Tolerance for others and their beliefs is a message we often hear preached by those on the left. Howwever, it appears practicing those principles is something a large segment of progressives have no interest in.

One such example of this comes from the horrific beating of an Alabama teen who dared to express pro-police views on Facebook.

And we’re supposed to believe there’s no anti-cop rhetoric or agenda being pushed by the media?

According to Breitbart, Brian Ogle, 17, is in critical condition with a fractured skull and trauma to his brain, WBMA reported.

His mother, Brandi Allen, says her son was targeted for his views, and she is calling the beating a “hate crime.”

“Not knowing if my son is going to make it to his 18th birthday this month, I don’t know if anybody can understand what that feels like,” Allen said to WBMA.

Allen said he was targeted because of his pro-police comments on Facebook after students wore Black Lives Matter shirts to Sylacauga High School last week.

Police say he was beaten up by multiple people in an abandoned parking lot Friday.

Police attribute the beating to possible racial tensions that are growing at the school, but did not find any evidence that Black Lives Matter contributed to this shooting.

“I want to see them in jail, this most certainly is a race issue, it’s a hate crime.” Allen said.

“I want them punished to the fullest extent, to the fullest, my son could have lost his life. I won’t stop until they are punished,” Allen said.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the fruit of the narrative being spoon fed to children through the media and public school that has our nation divided by something as trivial as skin color.

Leftists love to see this sort of unrest because it makes it appear that individuals cannot handle their issues alone and need the government to intervene and make everything better.

Liberalism likes to create chaos so individuals will trade their liberty for security, allowing them to have more and more power.

Unfortunately, leftists don’t care about the innocent lives — like this young man — who are wrecked in their schemes to gain more power and “transform” our nation.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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