Last week Donald Trump supporters (and Hillary Clinton frenemies) were excited to hear Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was set to make an announcement on Tuesday from his balcony in London so damaging it would END Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Trump supporter Roger Stone even tweeted as much today.

News of the announcement came from NBC reporter Jesse Rodriguez, who on September 27th tweeted the announcement would occur on Tuesday.

However, this same reporter now says the announcement has been cancelled due to “security concerns.”

As of this writing (2pm ET on Sunday) there seems to be no other indication that the announcement has been moved to Wednesday or that it has been rescheduled.

There’s no further message on the Wikileaks twitter feed either. From whence are the smoke and mirrors emanating? Does Julian Assange fear for his life? Plenty of twitter folks seemed to think he ought to watch his back, such as this one…

Or was the whole thing simply wishful thinking on the part of Trump supporter Roger Stone? All we can do is stay tuned…

As Heat Street reports, Assange and his supporters have long claimed that his personal safety is at risk due to the danger he (supposedly) represents to Clinton’s presidential ambitions. In August, liberal commentator Bob Beckel suggested in a TV appearance that Assange be murdered, proclaiming that someone should “shoot the son of a bitch!”

We shall simply have to wait and see what unfolds. One thing’s for sure, this is better than any reality TV idea Donald Trump could have cooked up.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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