New poll puts Trump 2 points ahead and near 50 percent support

While conventional wisdom from the political pundits seems to be that Donald Trump’s debate performance — to put it in the vernacular – “sucked,” it hasn’t seemed to have had much affect on his poll numbers.

Now those same pundits will probably attack the accuracy of the poll numbers as being made up of “self-selected” respondents, but then how can you say the pundits themselves are not? Heck, they’re a much smaller sample size.

While we have yet to see if there will indeed be some bombshell revelation from Wikileaks this week (for now Julian Assange’s announcement seems to be cancelled), it would appear Hillary Clinton is in dire need of some better news, as her poll numbers continue to collapse.

Breitbart reports, The UPI/CVoter daily presidential tracking poll released Saturday shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by nearly 2 percentage points.

The online poll shows Trump with 49.31 percent, to Clinton’s 47.34 percent.

Trump has gained more than 3 percentage points and Clinton has lost more than 1 point over the course of seven days, the poll’s full sample size.

That puts Trump within a hair’s breadth of the magic 50 percent milestone. Of course there’s a margin of error yada yada and a self-selected sample yada yada, BUT this isn’t the only poll in the world.

The USC/LA Times/Dornslife poll doesn’t look that great for Mrs. Clinton either. While Trump is only at 46.9 percent in this poll he has a larger 4.7 point advantage, with Clinton at 42.2 percent.


In the interest of balance, we do need to curb our enthusiasm somewhat, as the Real Clear Politics average still has Clinton 2.5 points ahead at 47.5 to 45 for Trump.

But what’s “real clear” at least at this point is this is not a done deal for Clinton. Thank GAWD.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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