JUST IN: Car crash “in the name of Allah”

Remember the attack this past July on Bastille Day at the beach resort of Nice in France? Terrorists driving a truck plowed through the crowds killing 86 people. I remember thinking at the time, “wow, no guns, knives, bombs or tactical training necessary – all you need is motor vehicle.”

Has this sort of terror come to our shores? Perhaps.

Fox26 News reports Ameer Abbaf Fakhraldin intentionally rammed his car at high speed into oncoming traffic in Fresno, California. According to Fox, The police report says driver Ameer Abbaf Fakhraldin told police the collision was caused by Donald Trump’s improper treatment of minorities, and by Allah and other people’s lack of faith in him. Fakhraldin estimated his speed was 200 miles per hour. He also told police he caused the crash by using psychic / telekinetic powers to control the steering. The officer at the scene said the driver showed apathy and neglected interest.

There were no fatalities.

One of the victims, Scott Alcala, said, “I saw the suburban coming right at me about to T-bone right into the driver door and I thought that was it. A second later I turned my head and just smashed into the barrier.”

Alcala says he and the other driver were miraculously able to get out of their cars without hitting anyone else.

Alcala said, “The off-duty police officer went to talk to the other driver in his vehicle and he said, ‘Are you alright? That was way too fast,’ and (the driver) said ‘I did it on purpose. It was in the name of Allah.'”

In a very strange coincidence, Alcala happens to be a veteran who fought in Afghanistan in the war on terror. He said he feels he’s in a war zone all over again. Although police have yet to say this was a deliberate act of terror, Alcala thinks it was.

Alcala said, “He was just trying to target as many people as he could. He was just trying to cause a pile up. It wasn’t me personally. It was as if someone were to throw a bomb in the middle of downtown, its no different, it’s the same thinking.”

Amazingly, according to the Fox report, Fakhraldin is NOT in custody, but the FBI is investigating.

Granted, he does sound like a bit of a nutbag, but it’s disturbing nonetheless — and particularly disturbing that this guy is back on the street. Thank God no one was killed and we pray he’s not planning anything else.

Naturally, we’ll be painted as Islamphobic for quoting the man’s words (which have absolutely NOTHING to do with Islam — and EVERYTHING to do with Donald Trump).

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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