YIKES: John Kerry just said 9 words about ISIS that should have us all TERRIFIED

If you were to poll Americans on whether they think there’s a higher or lower chance of an ISIS terror attack on our soil than when the group declared a caliphate nearly two years ago, how many do you think would say lower? Can’t imagine it would be many, and for good reason. In fact, a recent poll from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs found 89 percent of Americans now say it is at least somewhat likely that occasional acts of terrorism will be a part of life in the future.

ISIS claimed its first attack inside America back in May of last year, in what was a failed attack on a “draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Texas. Since then, the group has executed and/or inspired more deadly attacks on US soil with the San Bernardino and Pulse Nightclub attacks. It’s had a number of attacks that resulted in no fatalities, such as the recent NJ and NYC bombings, as well as Minnesota mall knife attack.

And, of course, this doesn’t even touch the massively deadly attacks ISIS has perpetrated across Europe as well as places such as Bangladesh and, of course, Iraq.

Back in June, FBI director James Comey stated that ISIS is still the greatest threat to America’s national security. He also made note that there are still about 1,000 open cases across America of people recruited to ISIS.

And what does John Kerry have to say about all this? Everything is A-OK! In fact, our fearless SecState says, “I feel good about where we’re moving with ISIL.”

Via NTK Network:

Secretary of State John Kerry spoke at The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forum on Thursday.

Moderator Steven Clemons asked Kerry if the Iran Deal was what he was most proud of during his tenure as Secretary of State, Kerry dodged that question saying: “I don’t…I really haven’t stopped, and sort of start to, you know, create a scale of,” before trailing off.

Clemons interjected with another question: “What are you least satisfied with during your tenure?”

“I’m not happy with Syria. I’m very, very dissatisfied with where we are in Syria,” Kerry responded also citing Yemen and Libya as challenges. But Kerry did say he felt good about where the United States was with regards to ISIS.

However, ISIS doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all, despite the Obama administration’s claims. The person responsible for the recent terrorist attack at a Minnesota shopping mall was called a “soldier of the Islamic state” by ISIS. ISIS continues to wreak havoc overseas, as well. On Tuesday, ISIS claimed responsibility for a bombing in Baghdad that killed at least 17 civilians.

Watch his comments below:

“I’m extremely concerned about where it is going and what will happen to the people of Syria and to the region if more rational and moral based common-sense approach is not found to deal with the situation. Yemen…Libya… there are many challenges that are extremely difficult right now.

I feel good about where we’re moving with ISIL. I think we could move faster to some degree, but I think the president has really gotten us on a track where you can see where we’re going in Iraq.”

Once again, the Obama administration seems to be living in an alternate universe where just because they say something is so, they believe it to be so. Not very comforting, if you asked me, considering these guys are supposed to be leading the charge to protect this nation against threats such as ISIS.

How do you think we’re doing in the fight against ISIS? I’ll take Kerry’s word for it when the terror attacks stop.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]




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