[Watch] Leftist mob PUMMELS man for wearing Trump hat; media SILENT

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but the truth of the matter is that it isn’t easy being a supporter of the real estate mogul’s campaign.

In fact, it’s sometimes hazardous to your health, a lesson a fan of Trump discovered the hard way.

Just one day after a black man from El Cajon, California, video has surfaced of a Trump fan being brutally attacked by a crowd of protesters.

Because nothing says “join our cause for equality” like trying to beat someone up based on who they support for president.

SoCal Trump supporter attackedA man wearing a Trump hat was attacked by activists, nearly run down in the street. The scene in a SoCal city growing more tense by the minute.

Anger after the killing of an unarmed African man by El Cajon police is escalating as more cops move in to keep the peace. http://abc7.com/1530816

Posted by ABC7 on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

TheBlaze is reporting, The man was chased through a strip mall parking lot Wednesday until he fell to the ground and his red “Make America Great Again” cap was pulled from his hands.


He was then surrounded by a large crowd until a few people tried to calm the protesters and then led the man away to a safer spot.


When the Trump supporter explained on camera what happened to him, someone asked him, “Why did you decide to wear a Donald Trump hat?”

“Sir, that’s a terrible question,” the man replied. “I’m simply a Donald J. Trump supporter who also happens to want equality. … I didn’t do any type of provoking.”

You can watch the full video here:

You know, it’s sort of hard to have any sort of sympathy for these “protesters,” or any desire to take their complaints seriously when they are so quick to turn to violence as a means of dealing with folks who hold different opinions than their own.

What’s really ironic is the fact he showed up to help them protest for equality and was harassed by the people he actually agreed with.

Just a tip, but if you want people to be on board with your movement, it’s typically not a good idea to beat those individuals senseless.

Also, it’s bad form to assume that just because someone supports Donald Trump — or any candidate for that matter — they’re racist.

After all, isn’t fighting for equality really just battling against false assumptions? How can one consistently protest this if they aren’t living out the same principles they desire to see in others?

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