BREAKING: Massive train crash; 100+ injured, authorities NOW say…

It is a sign of the times that when any event causing mass casualties occurs, our first thought is “oh my God how awful for the victims” and the second is, “oh my God, another attack?”

NBC reports, This morning An NJ Transit train crashed into the station in Hoboken at the height of Thursday’s morning rush, leaving twisted piles of metal and bricks as concern grew over the possibility of mass casualties and dozens of injuries.

Pictures on social media showed serious damage to the train station and extensive structural damage to the station. At least one of the NJ Transit cars appeared to be partially inside the building, with some of the supporting beams that hold up the canopy where the trains come in caved in around it.

Most reports say there were over 100 people injured and Fox News has just reported one confirmed fatality.

The cause of the accident was not immediately clear, though the Hoboken police chief told NBC New York there were “mass casualties.” Fire officials said they were investigating the crash as a possible derailment.

It is unknown why the train would approach the station at such a high speed.

But in general authorities are calling this an accident and not a deliberate act.

We are always being cautioned about making a “rush to judgment” and yet here we are with an almost instantaneous judgment that this was just an accident.

Again, it is a sign of the times that we must always think the worst and worry we cannot trust the initial reports. No matter what the cause however, it’s a terrible event and we pray the number of fatalities does not climb.

We’ll report on further details as they emerge.


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