AMAZING: Look what happens when a NON-Muslim brings a ‘clock bomb’ to school

Remember Clock Boy? It’s hard not to when the media lifted his story to the national stage to fuel a narrative of Islamophobia in America. For anyone who needs a refresher, just over a year ago, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested at his high school for bringing what was believed to be a hoax bomb to school. The media quickly took Mohamed’s side, reporting that he’d been arrested for merely bringing a homemade clock to school, and that it was only mistaken as a “bomb” because he was Muslim.

Anyone who actually looked at the picture of the “clock” quickly realized the reason the police were called is because it actually looked like a bomb.


The Department of Homeland Security (and our president) tell us, “if you see something, say something.” However, that apparently needs to be amended to, “if you see something, say something…. unless they’re Muslim. Bigot.” Neighbors of the San Bernardino terrorists were suspicious of their activity, but didn’t report them to the authorities out of fear they’d be branded racist. Fourteen people were killed and 22 seriously injured in that attack that might have been prevented had people not been afraid to report suspicious behavior.

We live in a nation now so Islamophobic that Mohamed quickly recieved support from the president, Mark Zuckerberg and countless other celebrities. That was in addition to the countless internship and scholarship offers. I mean, really — we live in a nation where kids get suspended for eating Pop Tarts into the shape of guns.

Did we really have to assume it was “Islamophobia” that caused the reaction to the “bomb”?

Of course not. Case in point: when a non-Muslim brings what looks like a bomb to school, the exact same thing happens — minus the national outrage.

As WACH FOX 57 reports:  Sandy High School student has been suspended and will miss playing in his homecoming football game, because of a homemade electronic device he brought to school.

To many it looked like a bomb, but to Levi Frunk and his family it was just the latest creation from a very smart 15-year-old. In reality the device was a homemade charger he used to charge his phone. He took it to Sandy High School and left it out in a locker room to charge his phone during weight training. His coach saw it and called security. He started evacuating the area.




Frunk quickly cleared up the confusion, but the damage was done. He was suspended for a day and a half. “I’m a little upset I can’t play in my game tomorrow, but it was pretty fair,” he said.

In hindsight he admitted it was a bad idea and that to many people it looked like an improvised explosive device. His family is laughing the whole thing off, realizing not everyone understands Frunk like they do.

While Frunk’s family laughed the whole incident off, Mohamed’s family has filed a $15 million lawsuit against his school district for violating his civil rights, and another against Fox News and a handful of conservatives for “defamation.”

Being a victim is a profitable career in America today, and I can’t help but think Mohamed’s family saw that opportunity and seized it.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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