INSANE warning signs spotted outside presidential debate stage…

It’s a great time to be a sane person on a college campus in today’s age of politically correct insanity, because you no longer need to attend a stand-up act or turn on Comedy Central to get your daily comedic fix. A number of websites have even sprung up to document the insanity (such as Heat Street and Campus Reform), though as a recent college graduate (and walking microaggression), I can tell you social justice craziness was always more amusing to see in person.

While some may be depressed by the campus craziness we see today, you have to remember these are the people you’re competing with in the job market. It’s essentially the equivalent of affirmative action to benefit those without victim complexes. The so-called social justice warriors of today appear to have PTSD from existence itself, needing “safe spaces” from even the most trivial aspects of life (especially opposing beliefs). In what’s just the most recent example of the madness, even tonight’s presidential debate is triggering!

As The Right Scoop reported: As you probably know the big debate is being held tonight at Hofstra University, which means the school is crawling with newsers.

Tony Aiello, a reporter with CBS, tweeted this picture from the Student Union at Hofstra:

They might as well be honest regarding what “warnings” of this variety are truly warning against. “Trigger Warning: Reality.”

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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