Just ahead of debate, Obama makes STUNNING admission

As we head into what many are calling the “debate of the century” — with an estimated 100 million viewers — apparently, it’s not just Hillary Clinton’s campaign who’s starting to panic.

Mr. Cool himself, Barack Obama, seems to be losing it (his cool, that is). Whereas once it laughed at GOP nominee Donald Trump, Obamaworld is now going so far as to admit it may have to accept Trump could end up in the Oval Office — and, moreover, that it may be in part due to backlash against Obama.


As Politico reports:

Obamaworld laughed as it watched Donald Trump’s hostile takeover of the GOP. After eight years of Republican opposition, inconsistent policy demands and racialized hate against the first black president, President Barack Obama’s aides, past and present, thought Republicans had gotten what they deserved–and more, all but forfeiting the 2016 race to the woman they defeated eight years ago.

They’re not laughing anymore.

Going into Monday night’s debate, Obama’s team is feeling that same anxiety expressed by some top Hillary Clinton aides: maybe the country isn’t what they thought, maybe the resistance to Obamacare and gay marriage and the progress they’re so proud of is broader than the vocal fringe they’ve always dismissed. Maybe, the president’s aides – current and former – now concede, they’re going to have to live with the fact that Trump could end up in the Oval Office in part due to a backlash against Obama. 

Privately, Obama has expressed mixed feelings, according to people close to the president. He’s still nursing amusement at Republicans for being hapless enough to get railroaded by Trump, but it’s mixed with frustration that there are so many Americans he failed to reach. People who’ve spoken to him say the president wonders what he might have done differently to break through in a way that would make people who’ve benefited from his policies—like those enjoying added health benefits courtesy of Obamacare—support Democrats.

OK, so while Obamaworld may be coming to grips with the reality that GOP nominee Donald Trump indeed has a very real chance of winning– even a probability, as of today (yes, as potentially fleeting as that may be) — it remains delusional about what is inspiring the backlash against two terms of Obama.

As much as the left wants to blame backlash against Obama on racism and Republicans, that’s all deflection on the sad (for Obama) truth. As Col. West wrote last spring — and it’s even more relevant today:

Here’s the realization hitting Barack Obama very hard: he is a failure. The veneer he used to make himself believe he was above reproach has faded. Sure, there are the remnants of Kool-Aid drinking sycophants who will sing his praises to the end. However, he’s watching America react in this presidential election cycle in a manner he cannot accept, certainly not comprehend.

Obama is watching his legacy erode at the hands of the American electorate saying we rejected your policy agenda in 2010 and 2014 — sadly, the GOP put up a lackluster candidate in 2012 — and now we shall reject your legacy. The media that enabled Obama to rise above any comment or criticism is focused elsewhere and Obama is in the slow fade of irrelevance, called lame duck status.

His signature domestic policy, Obamacare, is collapsing. His signature foreign policy, the Iranian nuclear deal, was advanced based upon lies and a false narrative. What Joe Biden said would be Obama’s greatest national security achievement, U.S. forces’ complete withdrawal from Iraq, has led to the rise of the most vile and vicious Islamic jihadist group we’ve known — an incredible evil not seen since Nazi Germany.

And that’s not even mentioning the stalled-out economy, the racial division this country hasn’t seen for decades — all fomented under the first black president — and how far this nation has fallen on the world stage, both in influence and respect.

And here’s another biggie: how about the corrupt-to-the-core administration President Obama has reigned over — the same one who is letting Hillary Clinton walk free, perhaps even in part to protect the president himself? Perhaps as dramatic as the racial divide under Obama is the furthering divide between government and “the people” — when in fact they were intended to be one and the same: “government of, by, and for” the people.”

Yeah, so kudos to Obamaworld for finally admitting the truth that may be about to slap it upside the head. But y’all gotta dig a little deeper on the introspection to understand the root cause is not that people are racist, or that more people didn’t get to know how fabulous your policies were. It’s that the past eight years were the worst kind of let-down for all the talk of Hope and Change; the veneer is worn thin and the emperor has no clothes.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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